Thursday, 23 April 2009

Eto'o turns down Manchester City offer

British tabloid The Daily Mirror claims that Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) has rejected an offer by Manchester City (read more here).

The English Premier League club was ready to make a bid of close to 40 million euro° but Eto'o, who has also been targeted by Inter Milan, made clear that he wants to stay at Barcelona and negotiate a new contract.

A friend of Eto'o, whose current contract with Barcelona expires at the end of next season, is quoted by the tabloid as confirming that the striker wants to continue: "Samuel is happy at Barcelona and, despite the interest from England, he wants to stay."

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pep said...

40 million euro =

50 million us dollar
35 million british pound

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I love Eto'o. He is probably my fav Barca player but if he wants to stay he should re-sign and commit long term. It would be very bad form if he walked on on a Bosman. Granted he wasn't treated well last summer, but Pep has shown great faith in him and now it's his turn to commit to the club. Please don't scr** us Eto'o.

Anonymous said...

Why would he want to leave anyway? There's no other club and I repeat no other club where he gets this amount of chances to score. Inter - you have got to be kidding me, they have the worst attacking midfield ever. Manchester - United or City. Ain't happening. Ferguson likes to buy Superflops in the mold of Veron or Berbatov. Besides Eto'o is not going to play second fiddle to Berbaflop nor Ibra. Since when are Inter a major club in Europe anyway? When did that happen? Just because Mourinho is there doesn't mean nothing. He bought certified flops everywhere he went. Shevchenko, Malouda, Quaresma, Mancini....He always takes over a good team. Lampard was signed by Ranieri. The only killer signings he made where Essien and Drogba - in 6 years.

Anonymous said...

i hope this idiot will leave !!!

why ?

he s great scorer yes but he always manage to make troubles , even now when eveything is perfect and al shuld be happy he say :
Iniesta best player in the world !

its ok if he beieves it , i guess many beieve this too but when yu have another player(messi) in the team who for the most people in the wold best player , this stupid thing to say !!! its the same like he said iniesta is better than messi !!!

its just provication (that can lead to uncomfort ) and i hope messi wont read it or wont mind ...

viva barca

next season :
etoo henry gudi sylvinho out

ribery , zhirkov , villa IN

jordy said...

I truely hope eto'o stays and sings a new contract. He already earns a lot 7.5m like xavi. I think that a proper wage for samuel. I certainly don't think he should earn what messi does. If he really asks that we should sell him. If he doesn't accept the offer he shouldn't be a squad member and must be sold to the highest bidder. He must understand that. I also think it's not fair henry earns more. maybe we should give eto'o what henry gets. also iniesta deserves to earn the same..

noubarca said...

anon, are u sjy to lets know who you really are? are you not proud of your comments? unveil mate

noubarca said...


and u want two no9 out and bring in just one. lol

barca4life said...

LOL Messi is humble, he wont make a big deal out of etoo calling iniesta the best player in the world. Only a fool would sell a man that has scored 27 league goals in one season and is still only 28.

Anonymous said...

i just want to explain my point:

For Barca is the most important thing is the Team Spirit and relation between players .

wanna proof ?
just watch how bad last season was and remember that in the starting 11 we still have almost the same players despite Alves who is great !!!

Etoo is a good scorer but dont forget he has too bog ego and always danger the team SPirit .

he is not that young and now is in a good form so if we sell him we will get very much more that if we sell him in 1-2 years!!!

yu said 2 #9 out and ony 1 in yes i mean it because ribery can pay in henry pos and villa can play in etoo position AND i would like seeing bojan getting moe min next season !!!!

you cann call me idiot but believe it or not a good team know when he say goodby to players , its better to sell etoo and henry now get almost enough to get hungry ribery and villa we will always remember etoo and henry with all ur hearts and they wil be loved in catalonia for ever !!

your scenario say :
leave etoo another season (after i hpe getting 3 tophis) next season it will be with him the same with ronaldinho as he won everything and we will sell him for nothing and people will only remember the ast bad season .

again i am not saying that etoo isnt good player i say that he is dangerous for our teamspirit especially if we won much this season pep wont be abe to handle his even bigger ego !!!!!


and by the way my name is elia i am often here as ej or lienemessias in the game live chat !!
i am just in other pc now

Bubben said...

Hmm, i dont agree with you. Its not like barca is a company thats supposed to earn as much money as possible form transfers. What good is there to sell Etoo when he is at his peak and sign a player that has yet to reach his?

Secondly, Etoo isnt made from the same material as Ronnie is. I guess you remember, Etoo was winning the exact same throphies as Ronaldinho at club level that year, and yet he fights with his whole heart in every game this year.

I am a big fan of Ibrahimovic, im a Swede after all, but why sell a player and buy a new that will sort of preform the same? That goes for Villa as well as any other striker. I say if Barca were to sign some player they should do it where there is a need for it, like a left full back or a natural replacement for Alves.

Anonymous said...

I dont want to get ibra too !!

and its not that want sell etoo and henry for maing money !!

its ike this etoo out
he is mentaly unstable , a big player with a bigger mouth and i am sure next season he wil mae pep probems , not the same what dinho did he will make problems between players !!!
and now if we sell him we get enough for buying villa and some more cash that we need for ribery deal .

Henry out!
Reason :
this guy has a wonderfu personality very calm , but he misses too many easy chances !! this season it didnt heart us because if he missed 6 100% chances he will always get the 7. chance and score it , but in a normal season we may not always get 10 times 100% chances so he should leave or at least get another contract with less money !!!

Just proof what write here :
Henry got much more scoing chances than etoo and messi and n some games more than them both together but he scored much less!

maybe we can speak with munch swapping henry with rbey and payng them some cash ... but i guess if henry wil leave he wil go to epl .

kamikaze kontiki said...

Anony, thinks like a player's ego causing problems at the club are matters which should be considered before the player is signed or when there is some actual instance of trouble due to him.

You don't sell a player who is scoring a record number of goals this season and who is well integrated into the team on the mere possiblility of him causing trouble in future.

And if Etoó was so bad I dont think he would get repeated support from Xavi as he has. I remember yesterday at the end of the game, Eto'o seemed to be having a word with Hleb, encouraging him.

Daily Mail sure go overboard with their nos. 40 mill ? Thats a hell of a lot or at least its more than what I think Barça would be ready to sell Eto'o at.

Anonymous said...


do you think the sentence of etoo is Ok ?

"Iniesta best player in the world"

i mean do you thin he schoud said that ?

now when al are happy and all understand each other what is the sence in saying this ?

i am not making a evi from him , and i like the way he play ...

such comments can really make the Groups in barca again (remember ROnaldinho vs Etoo vs ...)
i just think its stupid and i love iniesta and messi even more but why not trying to be happy about the game and instead saying iniesta is better than messi ... (its the same to what he said)

imagine bojan score a goal in the cup and messi says: bojan best number 9 in the world i guess etoo wont like it

veterant said...

anony, please use your tongue and count your teeth. stop proving your stupidity to the media.
Do u just hate eto'o and Titi or you are just stupid? barca is an outstanding team. Don't just focus on the negative sides of these two guys; just take a look to their contrubutions, their goals, their assits, their rotations, and their commitment to the team. A lot more strikers play for barcelona before eto'o shows up. He has been in this club for the season.barca top league scorer in 4 including this one. just like every human being, he made some errors but that shouldn't cause barca to sell him. he is still a prolific player. he is still delivering the goods. We play for everything but i think results is better than the dressing room problems. if he was a bad guy, would he has been terrific this season? hell no! U mention villa. he is good. will he fit in Barca? don't take chances. you mention a lot of crazy stuff. Henry is doing just well. he is a great player. Improving every season. U mention Ribery replacing him. I respect ribery but one never knows. Let's be contented with what we have as long as they re producing the results.

Monique said...

Anon should keep quiet. You are a terrible fan. So what if he said Iniesta is the best in the world why does that matter. Messi doesn't take things to heart and he will be the first to say he isn't the best in the world until he has won some trophes. When Ronaldo won the award for last season, Messi even said he deserved it and he was the best for what he has accomplished. Eto'o and Messi have a great relationship you can see it on the field. he isn't trying to start something, these comments will even fuel Messi to do evern better.

We don't know how Ribery would be and we don't need him at the moment. Villa is ok.

Don't even think pep doesn't have control over these players, he doesn't take crap from anyone and that won't change. So do us all a favour and just calm down, watch the season and keep quiet.

ej said...

ITS ME ANONY <--------
@veterant and monique

first iu guess you are not real barca fans because insulting other fans its not barca like !!!
i said it very often i think etoo is a good player but i have problem with his atitude , you think that what happen in dressing room doesnt effect , remember last seasoin that we have almost the same team and it was aweful because the relation between player !!!

and i just remember the war between etoo and ronaldinho , dinho said the best 5 strikers in the world where mesii and and and and (forgot etoo ofcource in purpose)

you are like MU fans who wanted CR to stay although he had poor atitude and treated the club very badly but they still wanted him because he play good !!!

i like that the team players have a good personality too !!!


what barca willl do depend in what guardiola think but i wil always have my own mind and i guess i should be allowed to say what i think even if you dont like it

Areign said...

Dinho and Deco stopped wrecking the dressing room when they left that's a non issue now. as for Eto, i personally feel that he has a solid attitude. when someone says 'you're not part of my plans' and you stay without complaint and don't bitch, it speaks volumes. Everyone seems to talk about how many chances he gets and waste and how much better another striker will but you forget about how well Eto defends and how important that is to our system. why don't you look at the facts. Henry was one of the greatest players in the world and it took him an entire season to get used to the Barca system. Hleb was a beast in Stuttgart and arsenal but he cant find the rhythm here. so what you want is to drop a man who's leading the league in goals and pickup someone who will most likely not fall into place with any sort of speed because you think messi may have been hurt by his foolish comments? that's just stupid, when your the messiah, you don't need to be constantly told, hes fine. I'm not sure what you said in your anonymous posts, your posts are hard enough to read and i'm not going to put effort into reading comments of someone who is hiding. additionally, you are the one insulting everyone else, stop being a hypocrite.

ej said...

hmmm i didnt insult any user here , i just said what i think about etoo and heny . and by the way i said henry miss much chances not etoo ...

anyway am away , i guess not all believe in the speakfreedom here .

and again i only said i would sell etoo and henry , other users called me stupid and i didnt even insult them back !!! ....


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