Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Pique: "It's very important to celebrate a win"

Barcelona player Gerard Piqué gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo.

Your grandfather, former Barcelona vice-president Amador Bernabéu, must be delighted with how you're doing this season?
He's delighted and enjoying this moment like any other culé. And maybe a little more because his grandson is part of the team.

What does he say about your performances?
He doesn't talk to me about technical or tactical issues. He and I know when I had a good or bad game. He just congratulates me.

You're even trying bicycle kicks these days. If it wasn't for Stojkovic...
Well, it's a new option (laughs). When I try it on training, I don't even touch the ball but against Getafe I almost scored.

With a little more luck, you would already have scored more than the two goals you have now.
Yes, it's a pity. But I'll keep on trying.

You've now played 20 games in the Liga, all of them as a starter, you get to play against Luca Toni and you neutralize him... What does Guardiola say when he sees how good you're performing?
The team is doing good and makes everyone shine a little more individually, although what I like a lot now is the team spirit and how we value the victories. You can win games without giving much importance to it, but winning costs a lot of effort and it's very important to celebrate the three points like we're doing.

You all seem very involved in the celebrations at the end of the games.
Yes, we know that every time there's less to go, that we cannot fail, that we depend on ourselves and that there are only seven games left.

After a week of talking that the team could stumble against Getafe, was there a decompression or an explosion of joy after the game that was different compared with other games?
All celebrations are comparable but it's true that the more the end of the league comes closer, the more important the victories are because you see there's less left and that the title is closer. It was a dangerous game and it's been said that you win the league when you win there but this season, with Madrid not failing either, you'll need a lot of points to win it. Winning tricky games like those in Pamplona, Santander and Valladolid in the end helped us to be close to obtaining the title.

When the players come together in a circle before the games, you talk about the tactics or it's all about motivating each other?
We just talk about getting out there full force and to go for the win from the start.

This was the first part of this interview. You'll be able to read the following parts here in the coming days with Piqué among other things talking about the referees and his musical taste.

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