Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Number of the day: 300


number of official games played by Víctor Valdés with Barcelona so far


pep said...

221 Liga
56 Champions League
12 Copa
5 Uefa cup
3 Spanish supercup
2 World cup clubs
1 Spanish super cup

made his debut in the 2002-2003 season

he's the 29th player to reach the number of 300 games

he's the second youngest player (27 years and 3 months) to reach the 300 games, only Xavi (25 years and 8 months) reached the number quicker

he's the 4th goalkeeper in the list of players with the most games, behind Zubizarreta, Ramallets and Sadurní

his goal per match record is 0,87, which is better than Zubizarreta (0,92) and Ramallets (1,24)

diegonel messidona said...

people talk so much shit about valdes... but hes good.. prone to errors sometimes but he saves us so many times too.. by far no casillas but theres only one of those.. and hes pure barca which adds a lot more than people realize

LéonDrágon said...

...300...the number of men fighting on the hot gates to defend their homeland...for me,as greek,the only meaning of number 300...:)

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