Monday, 20 April 2009

Song of the day: Pasame la botella

On Saturday, Barcelona travelled back from Madrid to Barcelona together with Barcelona's basketball team that had just defeated Real Madrid.

After the cabin crew first didn't give him the permission to connect Bojan's iPod to the plain's loud speakers, Gerard Piqué in the end managed to convince the chief flight attendant to put on some msuic.

El Vals del Obrero, Piqué played song like "Pasame la botella" by Panamanian reggae artists Match and Daddy with Abidal, Keita and Henry showing their best moves. When the plain was going to start the landing, Piqué had to stop the session. Too early in his opinion: "There's no justice!"


KluivertBoots said...

Why am I not surprised to find Pique in the middle of all the entertainment. Great personality for a team!

Anonymous said...

after the game he was being asked about that bycycle kick he did and he jokingly said he could be Barcelona's striker.

Anonymous said...

What a guy.

rObReV7 said...

Haha, he's just loving it back in his roots!

KluivertsBoots said...

Pique better write a book one day.

Ramen said...

A while back, I heard Pique was a striker before he was a defender. I wonder if that is true.

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