Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Barcelona-Chelsea (season 2004-2005)

UEFA Champions League 2005 First Knockout Round 1st leg
FC Barcelona vs Chelsea FC
February 23rd 2005
Camp Nou, Barcelona
Referee: Anders Frisk (Sweden)

Barcelona (4-3-3):
2-Belletti (14-Gerard, 85'), 4-Marquez, 5-Puyol, 12-Van Bronckhorst;
20-Deco, 6-Xavi, 22-Albertini(24-Iniesta, 57');
8-Giuly (11-Maxi López, 67'), 9-Etoo, 10-Ronaldinho.
25-Jorquera, 11-Maxi López, 14-Gerard, 16-Sylvinho, 19-F. Navarro, 24-Iniesta, 32-Damiá.

Chelsea (4-3-3):
20-Ferreira, 26-Terry, 6-Carvalho, 13-Gallas;
30-Tiago (5-Smertin, 91'), 8-Lampard, 4-Makelele;
10-Joe Cole (2-Glen Johnson, 70'), 15-Drogba, 11-Duff (22-Gudjohnsen, 76').
23-Cudicini,2-Glen Johnson, 5-Smertin, 9-Kežman, 14-Geremi, 22-Gudjohnsen, 33-Morais

Yellow Cards : Drogba 15' Drogba 56'
Red Cards : Drogba 56'
Goals : Belletti o.g. 33', Maxi Lopez 67', Etoo 73'
FC Barcelona 2 - Chelsea FC 1

UEFA Champions League 2005 First Knockout Round 2nd leg
Chelsea FC vs FC Barcelona
March 8th 2005
Stamford Bridge, London
Referee: Pierluigi Collina (Italy)

Barcelona (4-3-3):
2-Belletti (8-Giuly, 84'), 23-Oleguer, 5-Puyol, 12-Van Bronckhorst (16-Sylvinho, 46');
20-Deco, 6-Xavi, 14-Gerard;
24-Iniesta (11-Maxi Lopez, 86'), 9-Etoo, 10-Ronaldinho.
25-Jorquera, 8-Giuly, 11-Maxi López, 16-Sylvinho, 19-F. Navarro, 22-Albertini, 32-Damiá.

Chelsea (4-4-2):
20-Ferreira (2-Glen Johnson, 51'), 26-Terry, 6-Carvalho, 13-Gallas;
10-Joe Cole, 8-Lampard, 4-Makelele 11-Duff (29-Robert Huth, 86');
22-Gudjohnsen (30-Tiago, 79'), 9-Kežman.
23-Cudicini, 2-Glen Johnson, 5-Smertin, 19-Scott Parker, 14-Geremi, 29-Huth, 30-Tiago

Yellow Cards : 20-Ferreira 26', 12-Van Bronckhorst 29', 6-Xavi 68', 9-Kežman 83', 2-Glen Johnson 84'
Goals : 22-Gudjohnsen 8', 8-Lampard 17', 11-Duff 19', 10-Ronaldinho 27'(pen), 38', 26-Terry 76'
Chelsea FC 4 - FC Barcelona 2

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pep said...

In the built-up to the CL semi-finals against Chelsea, we're gonna take a look back at our previous Champions League ties with Chelsea.

The videos and data were all gathered by barca4life.

Sid said...

Pep, U bring back some memories

That was some encounter man. Highly charged, with both the teams playing full power. Both were "The teams to beat" that season apart from AC Milan.

fcbee said...

I think in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006, Barcelona and Chelsea were the best teams in Europe.

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