Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Video: Getafe


Julian said...

It seems like the ref was against Barça the entire match. Blatant penalty and a non-existent offside were called.

Getafe's keeper played exceptionally, making saves no one should have made. It easily could have been 4-0 if not for his amazing save on Henry, Pique, Messi.

Eto'o should have had at least one....

Henry should have had one as well. I've heard people complaining about "Why does Henry just slot the ball everytime right under the keeper with no power? The keeper would have saved it!" Look at this time, he shot it for a top corner with power and the keeper saved it when he easily could have slid it under. Nevertheless it was a great attempt and the keeper shouldn't have saved it anyway.

The only concern I have of this game was when Messi got hit in the face with the ball, walked around a bit and then fell to the ground. It isn't necessary.

Patrik said...

How about Dani Alves, he seemed to be in serious pain at the last seconds of the video?!?

Anybody who saw the game could tell me what happened?

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