Monday, 20 April 2009

Poll result - Man of the match: Getafe

This is the final result of this blog's Getafe-Barcelona: who was our man of the match? poll:

1. Messi 60%
2. Iniesta 16%
3. The whole team 10%

see full results here
see previous poll results


Anonymous said...

As much as you guys think messi is the man(i do 2) but i must say... HE IS LOSING HIS TOUCH!!!! Most of his attacks are just blone to pieces,i dont think he will make 42 but he might get there player of the year seeing he doesnt have any competition

Marc4barca said...

losing his touch?? LOL!! it's just 1 match it would of been a hat trick if it wasn't for the ref.. he doesn't need to dribble the field to have a good game he is a great short passer and links well with alves, xavi and iniesta with the 1-2's and draws alot of attention so basically messi never fails in his role.

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