Saturday, 25 April 2009

[2008] Deal with Lahm

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Barcelona has found an agreement with Bayern Munich full back defender Philipp Lahm (24). The deal with Barcelona would be the main reason why the renewal talks between Lahm and Bayern were cancelled earlier this week (read more here).

Lahm, who should replace current right back and italian international Gianluca Zambrotta (31), will sign a contract for four seasons but it's not yet clear if the German international will arrive this summer or only in 2009, when his contract with Bayern Munich expires. The date of arrival depends on the fact if Barcelona can agree with the German club on a transfer and the fee that has to be paid.

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one year ago, readers said...

Hadi,Tehran said...

great news BUT I love to see Daniel Alves for the job...

groga said...

Could in the end be a good option. If they can't get Alves, you have some kind of back-up. If you get Alves, you can have Lahm for free next year (when Abidal is already older).

mofof said...

Pep, I really think that these news from last year aren't fitting this blog. You should stop posting them. Why should anyone care what was happening last year? If someone wants it, he can browse this blog and find it.

Ograsrot said...

I like the news from last year. I like the idea of getting a historic context to transfer rumours and updates. Keep up the great work Pep!

kamikaze kontiki said...

i like it too, some really interesting things turn up n its what we missed out on, whether the same options are repeated this yr.

pep said...

Thanks for your opinion, mofof! And I'm sorry but I like it a lot to look back at the rumours knowing what we know now, so it won't disappear soon... :)

Besides the historic context Ograsrot mentions, it also can help to see how (un)reliable some media are.

But I guess it's clearly enough indicated, so that you can avoid them if you don't want to read them!

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