Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bojan wants to continue next season

Asked about the offers he's receiving from other clubs (read more here), Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18) has said to journalists that he's not thinking about leaving the club in the summer:

"It's an honour to see that very big clubs are following you and want to sign you. But like I've always said and I won't get tired of repeating it: my intention is to continue at Barça. I don't have any doubts about that. It's here that I want to be successful as a football player.

There are a lot of rotations this season. In Munich for example, I had to watch the game from the stands, but it was only the first time and that's no problem at all. On the contrary, my scoring average is better than last year and that gives me the motivation to keep on working like I am now, knowing that things are going well this way."

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Dan R said...

right on!

real mature attitude... why couldnt Gio learn from him...?

Anurag said...

Bojan is the future of FC Barcelona's strike force. He could be the next Samuel Eto'o.

Àlex said...

He lacks the physique

Anonymous said...

"He lacks the physique"

-that's exactly what people were saying about messi when he was bojan's age.

James said...

Bojan could do well to watch a lot of David Villa film. I think he can learn a lot of little tricks from someone like Villa.

Areign said...

i think that bojan is even more mature than messi was at his age. im not trying to say hes going to be better than messi, i am just SO impressed at his maturity and understanding of his role. he knows he's good, maybe great and unlike other people who panic and leave when they are on the bench at a young age (jozy altidore [not a swipe at him either, i love that guy]), he understands it's only a matter of time and his pichichis are just around the bend waiting for him, if he can wait for them.

Iniesta. said...


No thank you. I hope he never looks at Villa. The guy is a moviestar and he spends most of his time lying down on the field and crying instead of doing something good and play the game fair. If he is going to watch any videos it should be of Henry´s from left to center invasion and Inzaghi´s positioning. If he learns from both, man he will become a scoring machine!

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