Sunday, 19 April 2009

Gourcuff is on the list

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is interested in Bordeaux attacking midfielder and French international Yoann Gourcuff (22) (read more here).

Gourcuff was loaned out by AC Milan this season and the loan deal includes an option to buy the player for 10 million euro. The French club would be planning to buy the player and then sell him for a higher transfer fee to another club.

Other Spanish clubs like Real Madrid, Sevilla and Villarreal, are also among the interested clubs. The player's agent Didier Poulmaire and Gourcuff's father would have met recently with Zinédine Zidane. The former football player would have tried to convince the player to join Real Madrid if Florentino Pérez is elected as new president this summer, but no agreement has been reached.

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Watch a video of Gourcuff here:


Anonymous said...

buy the guy

koko=barca said...

Every time I see this guy I am wondering what the hell is wrong with Milan. Are they sooo stupid?
I think if Barca buy this then Ribery is out of the picture. Iniesta or Henry on the left, Gourcuff in the midfield.

sashi said...

wtf is wrong wit Zidane? is he the agent for Real Madrid to persuade French players to join Real "shitty" Madrid?????? GTH Zidane... soon u'll lose all the admiration ppl have on u wit such acts....

HouseMD said...

Bordeaux has first option on him, and if they buy him for 10M I don't think they'll sell him immediately. But if they do, they'll probably ask the price around 15M. Gourcuff has the great future ahead of him and he could become as good as Iniesta (just my opinion). Anyway, if they decide to sell him and he accepts Barca offer, it will be great because we'd buy him for a quite low price, and most important he's very young and he'd accept bench role easier than someone else.

Amir said...

i really prefer ribery or silva or van persie he's extremelly talented but maybe if we sell keita guddy and keita he'll have a CM role but i prefer cesc fabregas he's way more talented and he got the barca spirit

semko said...

He is great player,very talented..but where are we gonna put him=)..he is too good for bench!

R10FCB said...

i think hes a good talented player, but i would prefer ribery and silva to him.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you,Amir.fabregas is a no-good traitor and he plays with the idea of joining real madrid.I prefer silva or ribery.about rvp,he's injury proof and his attitude could be a problem if he has to sit in bench.

lulu said...

serious talent..go barca..

Anonymous said...

People THINK!!!!!! What we need is a Star-player like ribery or silva so that our youth players can look up to him and have the ambition to be like him or even better, R10 played a role in what messi is to date... think of that

Amir said...

Anonymous is right we need stars!!
Real Madrid are going to buy every thing that walks on two this summer we must get a left winger (ribery) a left back (zhirkov or lahm) (i prefer lahm!!) a center midfielder ( fabregas won't go to real madrid and if he will he's the biggest traitor in history!!) a center forward (villa or ibra) and real goalkeepers (asenjo & de gea and promote oier)

barca4life said...

HouseMD i dont think you can be transfered twice in one transfer window. More than likely he would reject whatever contract bordeaux offered even if milan accepted their 10 million euro offer and accept the barca or real madrid offer.

barca4life said...

Why is everybody still mad at fabregas? We made an error in not securing him and we lost him. Are arsenal slimy scum for taking him? Yes. Did he betray barca by leaving? In a way, but put yourself in his position. You are 16 years old and one of the biggest clubs in england at that time comes along and promises you first team football immediately. Meanwhile your agent who doesnt have a good relationship with barca advises your parents its a great move and the barca presidential elections mean that you cant be guaranteed a barca contract anytime soon.

He took the safe option of a guaranteed contract with a "big team". Look at how many players there are in the barca youth system and look at how many make it. Remember at that time there werent that many succesful youth team products in the first team. Up to that point guardiola was probably the only really notable player to come through the youth system and have a massive amount of success. He took the sure bet, how many of you could remain at a company that promises to offer you a contract but cannot for a few months when there is another company ready and willing to hand you a nice contract with more perks than your current company?

HouseMD said...

Barca4life, I'm not sure about all these transfer rules. But, I think he'll accept Bordeaux offer. The reason is simple, he will play all the time and he will be something like key player for them.
Most important, he's playing right midfielder/right wing, so he can only play as replacement for Messi. He IS versatile midfielder, but is more suitable for the system 442.
What Barca need at this moment is replacement for Toure and Keita which will both playing African Cup.
Barca still have Xavi and Busquets for that position, so someone like Fabregas (Veloso or Hamsik) would be welcome.

kamikaze kontiki said...

For those people who cant understand I would say Gourcuff was horrible at Milan despite being given a number of opportunities.

Someone commented that we need stars for our youth to look upto. I dont understand that at all. You want to buy big name players who will take positions in the squad so that these very youth players don't get their chance or a very limited opportunity and you claim its good for them. How ?

We don't have enough youth players getting into the first team. For them to get a chance they have to not just be very good but also extremely lucky. For these kids football is their life and their future, their livelihood and just about all their life's aspirations are borne out on that football pitch. I don't think Fabregas should be blamed for leaving. If any of you were working in a company which provided you with some initial training and knowing your chances of promotion in that organisation are very limited would you seriously retard the progress of your career by remaining faithful out of gratitude when a better offer comes along ???

I dont think we should get Gourcuff and I dont want fabregas back either but I blame Barca for Fabregas wanting to leave and I hate Arsene Wenger for gaining a reputation of developing young players when in truth all he does is steal players developed by other clubs.

I think we should take steps to indicate to our youth that there is sufficient opportunity at Barca. Buying Ribery is very tempting but this is what would be the most forward looking transfer decisions for me this summer :

Sell : Hleb, Jorquera, Gudjohnsen
Also out : Sylvinho

Buy : Crosas, Zhirkov, Asenjo and bring back Henrique

Promote : Gai, Jeffren, Pedro

So then

LW : Jeffren, Gia, Pedro, Henry, Iniesta

RW: Similar + Messi

LM : Crosas, Zhirkov, Iniesta, Keita

LB : Zhirkov, Abidal
RB : Henrique, Alves

I think that provides sufficient depth in every position. We give the youngsters a chance but yet we aren't solely dependent on them. And we send the message to the youth squads that Barca prefers to look inwards and promote their youth players rather than sign expensive players. I think the current squad have also proved how capable they are, so its not like there is a necessity for big signings to shake things up.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Damn, I didn't realised I had used the same example as you barca4life. Next time I will read through all the comments before i post one :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful goal!!!

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