Saturday, 25 April 2009

Eto'o repeats his intention of staying

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to the English Premier League (read more here), Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o has repeated in an interview with British tabloid The Daily Mail that he wants to continue at Barcelona next season:

"Let me ask you something. If you were playing in this Barcelona team the way it is playing, would you want to leave for anywhere else in the world? If you think about that question logically you will get your answer. But just to be clear, I have no intention of leaving.

I don't think there is much doubt over the last two or three years the power of European football has been in England. But for me that is not strange. The power shifts every few years to one of the major leagues in Europe, and this is England's turn. We have seen Juventus and Milan dominate, then us and Madrid, so it is no shock for me that now it is England's turn. It will not last for ever, though. These things shift to another country.

For me, we have the best attacking force in world football. It is an honour to play in this team with so much talent. I have been very pleased with my own scoring form this season, but it remains that I could not reach the levels I do without so much talent around me. The service I get is exceptional and we play with no fear.

Some of the players in Barcelona's attack will go down in football history and sometimes you need to take a minute and have a think about just how special this team is. Look at Xavi. This is somebody who just makes the team work. You will not meet many more passionate men in the world. Some people win, but some are winners. He doesn't have another option apart from 'win' in his brain.

I am also convinced Messi will not go down as one of the best players of his generation, but as one of the best who has ever lived. People will still be talking about him in 50 years, saying 'I once saw Messi play', and that 'He was the greatest player I have ever seen'. Of that I am sure.

Some of the things you see him do in training and on the pitch just make you stand back and wonder how it is possible. But he does not conduct himself as if he is the best player in the world. He is very humble and just wants to play football, and maybe even he gets a little bit shy when people say such great things about him."

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Aussie Barca Fan said...

If the quotes are accurate, Eto'o I solute you.

JR said...

It's one of the key elements of our succes I think, the players being so incerdibly professional and down to earth.

We don't have the bling bling mentality over here which you see with most star players, who feel superior to their team.

skanjos said...

i think eto has made his decision.i wasnt so sure that eto wanted to stay,but now i am positive eto will sign a new contract in the summer,not only because of this article but because of the teams efford,
go where?barcelona is the best team in the world and has the most chances to win everything,eto wants to win whatever he can now that he is on his top lvl ,why leave? also henry this year is at his top,yes for me the henry of this year is equal to his best at arsenal,kind of a different role but he is amazing now and i wouldnt mind keeping him for the left wing next year too.(we have assulin too)

hleb is also great and getting used to play our style, seriusly the only players we can change are pinto,jorquera,sylvinho,guddy and we have a perfect team next year,(asenjo,oier,lahm,silva/ribery/promote thiago its guddys place for god shake).this year i dont care so much about transfers ,we have excellent squad already.also that team is mostly young and can go on for 4-5 years at this lvl ,what an amazing time to be a barcelona fan :)

noubarca said...

I hope this make Mr.Anon" from other topics happy. Eto just sang Messi's praise, so you can now eat. lol.

Eto is a great man who does not mince words.

Anonymous said...

Brill news, I would hate it if Eto left.

Mihawk said...

We've got to keep him, no matter what. He's playing in his own league, on his position, during the past few years.
There's no one on the whole planet who scores so much goals and is fighting like crazy all the time.

Not even Villa or Torres could replace him, and players like Ibrahimovic, Drogba or Adebayor certainly not.

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

Wow, Eto'o is heaping praise on Messi. These are good signs.

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