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[2008] Bojan will accept renewal offer

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Catalan sports papers El Mundo Deportivo and Sport claim that the renewal negotiations with Barcelona forward Bojan Krkic (17) are well underway and that an agreement is expected to be found soon. The new contract can nevertheless not be signed before the players turns 18 in late August (read more here).

The new contract will link Bojan to Barcelona for the next five seasons, until the year 2013. The player's year salary will be raised from 60 000 euros° (plus incentives for each game played) to 1,7 million euro° (plus incentives for 60% of the games played, for the qualification of the Champions League and for the trophies that are won). If the Spanish forward keeps making progress, it's expected that the two parties will sit again around the table before the end of the year (read more here).

The current buyout clause of 60 million euro° will in the renewed contract be adapted to the new status of the player and could come close to the 150 million euro° buyout clause of players like Messi, Eto'o or Ronaldinho. Although Chelsea has been (and keeps) pushing strong for the youngster, it's at this moment clear that Bojan doesn't have any plans of leaving Barcelona in the near future.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

° 1,7 million euro =
2,7 million us dollar
1,4 million british pound

60 000 euro =
96 000 us dollar
48 000 british pound

60 million euro =
96 million us dollar
48 million british pound

150 million euro =
240 million us dollar
120 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Chelsea and Frank Arnesen can keep on dreaming of getting their hands on a talent like Bojan. Piece of shit club. Try to develop own talents instead of trying to buy others.

djoef said...

It's a good kid, good family, no money-crazy agent making him mad, can't see him leave.

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