Monday, 20 April 2009

The Points: Getafe

Valdés 6__6__7__*__9__6,5

Alves 8__6,5__7,5__6,25__4__7
Piqué 7__7__8__6,25__10__7
Márquez 6__7__8__6__6__8
Puyol 7__7,5__7,5__6__7__7,5

Xavi 7,5__6,5__8,5__6__8__7,5
Busquets 6__6__5__5,5__5__7
Iniesta 7,5__7,5__8,5__6,5__10__8

Messi 8__8__8__7,25__8__7
Eto'o 7__6__6__6__6__6,5
Henry 7__6,5__6,5__5__3__6

Keita *__6__6__*__7__6,5
Bojan *__6__*__*__*__*


If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know. See previous points here.


Knives Out said...

Offside have clearly been smoking crack to give VV and Pique 9 and 10 respectively and give Alves a pitiful 4.

peter said...

Offside truly suck. I know someone, again, will explain how good they are and that they score the points after a certain system starting from 0 - but i dont't care! No way is anyone in te team worth a 10 after that second half. And Valdes? 9? For what??

Mast said...

if you want to know why those points were given, go and check the offside!

peter said...

i have always read their comments but they still dont make since. was really iniesta and pique at their absolut best this weekend? no way...

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