Monday, 17 August 2009

Txiki doesn't stop looking for reinforcements

Txiki never rests!


I'm looking to strenghten the frontline of Barça!

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Anonymous said...

He shouldn't i mean were relying on JEffren? C'mon weres thiago ,busquets,jonathan, we dont need reinforcements. just promote the following : Alcantara, Dos SAntos, BTW I think Jeffren Sucks. Dont hate I think Bojan sucks too. He doesnt do anything. Anybody can score when another player does 99.9% of the goal for you.

Blaugranaboy said...

Jeffren is talented but sadly, I don't think he can cut it at Barca. I hope I'm wrong though. I think you're wrong on Bojan. IMO, many Barca fans hyped him up to be the next Messi but in reality, he's a completely different player. He's more like Catalunya's answer to Raul. Individually he may not be the best, but his technical skills, positioning, and finishing is impressive.

Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

Anoony... Did you watch the match yesterday (Athletic Bilbao Vs FC Barca)??????

I think that is the answer for Bojan (Raul 2.0, though I don't like Madrid).

skanjos said...

lol it took me 3-5 secs to read that he was reading playboy .hahahaha

Anonymous said...

@ Skanjos, "reading" Playboy ?!!!!! :)

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