Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Toure could play as attacking midfielder

Speaking at a press conference, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has said that he could change the position of Barcelona defensive midfielder Yaya Touré (26):

"I have the feeling he can play as attacking midfielder. He's very strong, he can deal with a lack of space, he can be dangerous from outside the area and when he goes forward, he does it with a lot of power.

I would like to see him playing more in that position. Maybe I will put him there in the Gamper game on Wednesday. I'm sure he would do well. That way, we could give Xavi some rest."

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Anonymous said...

I only realized how big Yaya is by looking at that picture. He is huge!

IBES said...

Why are so many surprised Yaya can attack? When he was signed, the biggest knock on him was that he was too offensive to be a defensive midfielder. That's why Pep wanted Mascherano so Mascherano can be the DM and Yaya can play in Xavi's place and give Xavi a breather. Then Busquets can come off the bench as a sub.

Unknown said...

Combine him with Ibra and all our offensive bases are taken care of to deal with any parked bus. We can "ram" thru the middle or use the flanks. That'll give defenders a hand full.

SiegBarca said...

Yaya Toure = Bus Breaker ^_^

Unknown said...

Another player i think who'll get a call-up more this season when we need strength is Keita. Seeing how he likes to push further forward and willing to shoot, he'll be selected ahead of Busquets, who is more Xavi-like, a provider.

xaviniesta said...

i like how yaya kind of gives us all these options. he's an awesome player, one of our best signings ever.

HOSNI said...

all the players that we got from monaco were fantastic : Marquez, giuly and now yaya

Anonymous said...

LOL, which player has played as a central defender in the CL final and then as an attacking midfielder? Only SuperYaya! He can probably play as striker too!

Anurag said...

i agree with anony - yaya gives this impression that he can play anywhere along the central "column" of the park - CD, DM, CM, AM, and maybe even striker!

guys, want a bunch of laughs in this depressing transfer season? read this


Anonymous said...

Josep Guardiola, brilliant tactical move. But we don't really have enough players, do we?! Because there's no better players in whole Europe or South America to be found than Dos Santos and Thiago is there? Hell, give us Poulsen at least or somebody like that? There are players that play every match for a top team in France, Germany, Italy, England or Spain + have NT caps - but no, Dos Santos and Thiago are better. In worst case we wil lose many points during the ACN and we can say godbye to another league title. I'm trying to be positive here, but with our thin squad?

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