Monday, 17 August 2009

Six Barcelona nominees for UEFA Club Awards

UEFA has announced the nominees for the UEFA Club Football Awards to be presented during the UEFA Champions League group stage draw on Thursday 27 August.

The voting procedure gives the coaches of the 16 teams that reached the knockout phase of the 2008/09 UEFA Champions League the possibility to cast their votes for each position as well as to nominate the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year 2009 of their choice.

Based on the voting results, the list of nominees is as follows:

UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year
Petr Čech (Chelsea FC)
Víctor Valdés (FC Barcelona)
Edwin van der Sar (Manchester United FC)

UEFA Club Defender of the Year
Gerard Piqué (FC Barcelona)
John Terry (Chelsea FC)
Nemanja Vidić (Manchester United FC)

UEFA Club Midfielder of the Year
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool FC)
Xavi Hernández (FC Barcelona)
Andrés Iniesta (FC Barcelona)

UEFA Club Forward of the Year
Samuel Eto'o (FC Barcelona)
Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United FC)


Anonymous said...

So the 16 coaches voted for these players, and they will vote again for the winner of each position?

groga said...

Wow, Pique before Puyol. What a progress he made: from watching the CL final from the bench last season to one of the three best defenders in Europe.

Marc4barca said...

van der saar will win.... vidic will win.... xavi will win and messi will win

fcbee said...

I think it will be:

Van der Sar
Xavi (maybe Iniesta)

clive said...

barca will win midfield and forward no matter what, as for defenders, the only challenger is Vidic. but since Pique was the better performer on the CL final, I think we will still win. As for Valdes, I wish him all the luck to win it.

frett said...

After Eto'o made him look like a school boy in the final, you can't see Vidic winning this. But then again: Piqué is probably too young to get it and Terry didn't reach the final.

Good to see Eto'o up there with the great. Voted by the best coaches, great reward.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I think it would be abit silly if Vidic wins the defender given how poor he was in the final compared to Pique. Probably Terry will win it, but Pique was brilliant no doubt.

trez said...

Terry should win that defender trophy. Vidic is overrated and Piqué should keep his feet on the ground. Besides, Terry showed great sportsmanship by coming to congratulate our guys mintues after they were out of the CL.

Bad luck for Eto'o that there's no trophy for best striker. because of this "forward" category the real strikers have to compete with the more creative guys like Messi and Ronaldo who always get the most votes.

Sandvik said...

If they vote for a player for how he performed in CL and not in the league, than Pique deserves it,
Vidic migth deserve it if it's based on the league too.

Andréssibraviquénryalvesyol said...

I hope Pique doesn't win the trophy because he's too young and moreover this is the first time may be he's enjoying stardom and attracting the critical acclaims. If he wins this, it would be a huge pressure on the young boy to repeat or better the last year performance and he could fall flat doing that.
But it's not the case with Messi. He's been good and in lime light for a long time and may be he indeed needs that special prize to maintain the confidence. But then part of me suggests the opposite and hopes he doesn't win it just yet to keep his fire intact and his batteries to remain fully charged :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Van der Saar stands a chance after how bad he did in the final. I think Valdes or Cech will take it. Defenders will go to Terry. Midfielders Iniesta or Xavi. Forward Messi no doubt,

deco said...

- Valdes (he made a huge differance, saved us, he was the most important GK of the CL)

- Piqué (mayby the best player of the CL)

- Iniesta (only the real fan's knew it already long time, our best mid)

- Ofcause Messi

The others don't diserve it

Anonymous said...

Van der sar without a doubt.
Vidic will win.after solid performances last year,im sure he is the no.1 defender.
Xavi/Iniesta as everyone in this whole wide world would predict.
if Messi doesn't win then UEFA's in BIG trouble..

Anonymous said...

Xavi is still abit underrated. He was MoM in the final remember. Just like in the Euro. He is incredible and deserves it.

DiCk anD VAgiNa's said...

And guys,we have to be honest,just because Barca is our fav. team doesn't mean we have to overrate barca player's performances.Be honest.The lads know that Vidic will win this and van der sar without ANY TINY LITTLE doubts.Be honest nxt time

Knives Out said...

trez, sorry to say but your justification as to why Terry should win is truly laughable. Whoever wins, will win because of their performances and not attitude.

We're definitely winning midfield (Iniesta) and forward (Messi). Others remain to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Vidic was terrible in the final, that counts alot. Pique was great in the whole tournament.

Anonymous said...


trez said...

I said "besides", knives. Read correctly.

Based on his performances, I also think he should win anyway. he was good thoughout the tournament, Pique only came through at the end and Vidic is great for the EPL but his weaknesses are showed in Europe.

Take Terry out of the Chelsea defense and they collapse. Take Pique or Vidic away and Barça and Man United will almost be as solid. If Iniesta doesn't score, we wouldn't even be discussing this.

trez said...

And besides, who says that attitude doesn't have an influence? Those coaches are also human and also read those stories, so of course this has an influence. If they have some doubts, things like that are decisive.

Anonymous said...

What about Dani Alves?

Anonymous said...

Dani Alves would probably have been there if he had played the final.

diana.barca said...

UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year
Victor Valdez-is the best

UEFA Club Defender of the Year
Gerard Pique-an amazing progres

UEFA Club Midfielder of the Year
Andres iniesta-goal against Chelsea .... incredible

UEFA Club Forward of the Year
Lionel Messi-words have no sense

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Why they puth GayRon in the top 3 forward of the year???

What did he do to deserve it?
It seems that just 'name popularity' puths a player in top...
Henry was much better than GayRon!!

Forward of the year:

1. Messi
2. Eto'o
3. Henry

AndréssibraviquénrYAlvesyol said...

Ronaldo scored a goal in Konck-out round against Inter, his goal against Porto in quarter-finals secured them a spot in semi-finals & finally he scored 2 goals against Arsenal in semi-finals, one of them being an extra-ordinary free-kick. He was by far the only attacking threat for ManUtd. in the finals... So it's no wonder he's in the list.
I agree, Henry should have been there instead of Eto'o but then Eto'o scored the most important goal :)

mario ch said...

why van der sar? he didnt made big saves like valdes did against chelsea a dozen times. he just pofit from the manu game, i mean fast counters and good defending from the midfield and the defenders

Tohar Investment Limited said...

MARIO CH,there is no keeper to choose apart from van der sar,so he should complete that list. but i think valdes deserves the best keeper,i dont knoiw why they choose pique instead of puyol amiong those two EPL defenders?one of terry and vidic will win that no doubt(i think its a cheat).i want iniesta to be giving the best mildfield as a consolation for his great goal against chelsea and his brilliant performance in roam,bcos i believe xavi will be the third best player in the world this season.
best forward???? i think a blind man knows that.
visca el LIONEL.

Anonymous said...

Awards will get: Messi, Valdes must get award beacuse he was great against chelsea and other matchs, and award for miedfield will get xavi or iniesta, it´s hard choosing between both of them

Knives Out said...

I agree with the argument about Terry being the center piece of Chelsea. Vidic has been far from impressive, and Pique is still a rookie, so if they had to choose it'd be Terry by default more than anything else.

I'd think coaches go more by performance than attitude, as it has been demonstrated over the years.. it's a great honour for Pique nonetheless to be featured on the list. Though yes I'd have thought Puyol deserved to be there.

And no, Iniesta hasn't just scored THAT goal, he has been fairly influential throughout the season, especially towards the end in case you are forgetting. It's really hard to pick between Xavi and Iniesta, but I think the latter will snatch it because of the Chelsea goal.

MAX10 said...

Where the frack is Puyol?!!!

Unknown said...

as a barca fan, i feel very proud to see this list that half of it is barca players.
1. UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year:
2. UEFA Club Defender of the Year:
Gerard Piqué
3. UEFA Club Midfielder of the Year:
4. UEFA Club Forward of the Year:

IASON said...

ATM, Pique cant win it against J.T. or Vidic. Besides, Puyol is still our star defender. He should win it but he isn't even in the list...

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