Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Quote of the day: Vilanova

Both Pep and I like to have a small squad
but this one is maybe too small.

Tito Vilanova, Barcelona assistant coach


Anonymous said...

proof that pep is not a good coach


Brandon said...

That doesn't show anything. If Hleb wanted to show that at Barca, he would have. That is his fault, it shows that Hleb might not be a complete professional. And do you want him to start over Iniesta or Xavi? Didn't think so, so get off his back.

Anonymous said...

Because Hleb scored a goal (which is a miracle) Pep isnt a good coach? Please...

FCBdara said...

how can you compare timisoara with La Liga clubs,even you could pass like he did tonight,he could´t score a goal this season in barca shirt,and you tell that pep is not a good coach only because Hleb scored tonight! BRAVO!!!

PD said...

is anony even a barca fan??

FCBdara said...

probably not or he have bad memory,he does not know in what kind of shape was the club when he took him over,and what did he do with the players and how he motivated them,and what we achieved last season

barca4life said...

Hmmm i read hleb ran past 6 players. It was more like he beat 2 and just ran past the rest. Not as impressive as i thought it would be. Hleb has no heart. What kinda player turns down inter to go to stutgart? He doesnt want to compete for his spot, he just wants it to be given to him.

FCBdara said...

god point B4L if he is a good player he could fight for his position in squad,but no he run to stutgart and not to inter because he know that he can score in Germany with closed eyes

Anonymous said...

hleb didnt get chance to show his quality .

pep is a great motivator but is really poor at coaching .

all are now blind by triple but dont forget it was more good form and quality from players than tatik.
just remember chelsea games (both) pep was outplayed by hiddnik and he didnt react ... he even hugg him at min 85 where barca still didnt shoot once at goal.

i know now all so happy with pep but very soon you will think like me.

the fact that barca couldnt sign players this season its pep fault . txiki knows well that if he bring a good player that pep didnt name he wont get even the chance .

so we will be praying not to have longterm injuries this season.

again dont blame txiki for shot squad blame pep

Anonymous said...

Isn't it quite obvious that Hleb prefers playing time in a club that he knows rather than being benched in Inter? I would do the same if I was in his shoes..

barca4life said...

You are wrong. If pep is a bad coach how did he win the league with the B team? how come you point to the chelsea game but you completely ignore the final against man utd and the quarter final against bayern? If we have a short squad it is because txiki was sleeping for half of the bloody transfer window instead of getting off of his fucking arse and doing his motherfucking job. And then you come here and try to belitte what pep has done.

barca4life said...

Well you know what since pep is suck a poor coach maybe we should fire him eh? And since txiki is so competent at his job maybe we should put txiki to coach to team eh? Barca fans are some of the strangest fans in the world yes.

Soha_TZ said...

The only proof I see here is that this anony knows nothing about football. Pep is a bad coach because hleb scored a goal hehehehe, save this for a quote of the day, so we could all laugh

Fenderek said...

Saying that a guy, who is a forward and didn't score ONE goal in a team that scored about 150 in the sason is good is just about as ridiculous as it gets.
He didn't learn Spanish, he didn't want to compete for the palce. I don't know exactly where would you put him in the first team- instead of iniesta? Xavi? Messi? Whoever is saying that Hleb should have got more chances above any those players is an idiot. Next to Cacesres he was probably the worst player in the squad. He may have talent- but he simply wasn't Barca quality. I remembre 10 yeras ago much better players than hleb didn't set Camp Nou alight...

Cali Socis said...

I remember a friend telling me his girlfriend said it was OK being small, but I had to respectfully disagree then.....and this issue is no different....when you're competing for six Cups, you need to be bigger...I mean, have a big squad.

FCBdara said...

i agree with Soha_TZ this should be quote of the day ˝Pep is a bad coach˝incredible if you really think that he is not good than please read the interviews of the players for past season,they all say that pep is a great coach and motivator and best of all god friend and i believe that they don´t say that for no reason.
you should follow tennis these season if you really think that pep is bad

Anonymous said...

i will try to explain some points guys why i thik pep is not a good coach
(i love him bytheway) :

a coach is examined in this major points :

3)Motivation and holding team as a team.impotance 25%
pep 10/10 excelent

2)Choosing taktik and lineup and rotation
importance 25%
pep 5/10
lineup ok but rotation was only at start but from midseason messi was playng games like crazy
1)Reacting to happening
importance 50%
(i give this double impotance since this happens life and only the coach has the ability to do it , motivation for example can be done by stuff member coach helper ...)

pep 3/10 --> 6/20
hmmm when the team is winning 6-0 afte 30 min the coach can relax but whe everything s going wrong on field, here we must look what the coach do and because of that i focus chelsea game , in this games the coach need to show the players that he have plan b and plan c .
pep 21/40 overall

M10 said...

anony - 0/40 overall intelligence

Anonymous said...


do you think messi is a "ok" player ?

ok i can put him in a team that scores 100 goals and let him all season on bench and i promiss you he wont score

Cali Socis said...

Pep not a good coach? The next thing I'm going to read is a breakdown that the Sun is not hot.

Anonymous said...

M10 son of whore ...

to insult s really easy

FCBdara said...

you keep saying about Chelsea,they didnt play football,by the way football won in the end,what is with other games like 2-6 at bernabeu or 0-4 with sevilla,games where we saw what is barca and how god tactician is pep,look at whole season not only one match

Anonymous said...


again am looking fo games where it didnt work out in the start and pep changed something and it goes better .

i said it before pep is fantastic at motivation but miss by him the Plan B !!!

M10 said...

damn anony, either you got raped by someone who looked like pep as child, or your just plain stupid

admit one

bombastico said...

well i did saw the game and it wasn't and it was not a good game for hleb except this scene...
pep is right to get rid og him because he did not perform well and was not a so called reinforcement.
he didn't even tried to learn the spanish language..
he simply does not fit in the barcasystem and does probably way to much!!

totally useless who just stolen playtime for bojan and pedro xD

ifotbol said...

Pep is a good coach, and an even better motivator. The fact that the squad is a little short is Txiki's fault as well as Pep: No one bears the sole blame. Hleb is not a bad player but I agree he did not work hard enough for a spot in the Barcelona team. He chose Stuttgart because he knows the Bundesliga and competition at Inter would have been much tougher.

Anonymous said...

dude the Chelsea game is 1 game in how many games barca played last season if he was sleeping on that game i am ok with that beside if you dont like pepe how do you think can employe barca style of play and win with 6-0 and 5-0 margins other than pepe ! ?

M10 said...

barcas now the best team in the world because of pep

nuff said

FCBdara said...

anony maybe you are a fan of Hleb so you are defending him,i am not,but dont have anything against him,just he couldnt settle in barca even score 1 goal in whole season,and even he said that it was mistake when he left arsenal for barca.
wtf now i think he came only for money haha just kidding maybe that he did more he could make it but i think that its too late for him in spain

Anonymous said...

stop playing this fifa manager dude...it's only a simulation, which means in the real world "UR NOT A FREAKING MANAGER" and will never be, if you have the credentials go ahead let us all know what happened...

FCBdara said...

anony i think that you wrote this article just to start a conversation or am i wrong ?

M10 said...

its unbelievable how some people call themselves barca fans

FCBdara said...

leave that now,what about tomorrow game against city?finally Ibra is going to feel the camp nou and atmosfere on the pitch

Anonymous said...


no am more the messi fan ...

but just find it crazy all ignoring the fact that Hleb didnt get a real chance ...

take henry for example he had 3-5 aweful games , etoo 2-3 .
everyone sohuld get his chance , its not like hleb is a 19 years unknown player he was a star in arsenal so give the guy a chance let hm start n 6-7 games .

and all language shit its always the fans of barca who has no clue , do you think all barca players speak perfect spanish(henry keita abidal ??) ?
its the same with dinho , he was always a player who liked to go party as long he had succes nobody mention that but after some bad games people start speaking about his party life .

and hleb not learning spanish had to do maybe with the fact that he noticed pep not countng on him and he will be leaving anyway.

now u all prais messi am sure when messi lose one day his magic (hope this will never happens) the People will start speaking about messi not helping in defence , does this really bother one of you now ? in 4-5 years it will be

remember this...

Anonymous said...

i might disagree with the way he handled the eto'o situation but i wouldn't doubt his coaching ability, you may see the results in scorelines and gameplay, but to know what is his real influence and tactical ability you'd have to either be TitoVilanova or try to open up ur eyes to the tactical battles he had with veteran coaches, now the structure of total football is not something new to barca therefor that is not a scale, but wi personally would only look at two battles with Ferguson and hiddink, now the latter resorted to a tactic which almost 99% of teams around today won't have an answer for, hell if you even get two teams to play fully parked bus in-front of the centre line they will struggle, therefor i think it's not that he lost a fight it's more like hiddenk didn't show up..hiddink himself said it in the following interview of the game that there was no other way to do it but to defend in large numbers both in the back line and in midfield, so i wouldn't really consider that a lost battle...

in the other hand his battle with ferguson who actually showed for the fight didn't use the same hiddink approach to the game an d stayed true to his ethics of attacking football, lost control after only ten minutes of it...i remember pep saying yeah we knew messi had problems with evra in the home game therefor i decided he'd start from the wing, now here is a REACTION for u that found the formula for the first and second goal.

i personally rate hiddink as one of the best coaches in the histroy of coaches hell i even rate him higher than mourinhos and ferguson, because to me he's a coach that regardless if the team has star players or not he makes them play at the highest level, if he wouldve taken over at real this year i wouldve been really scared of the outcome..his record speaks for it's self.

pep is rookie in the league s oby all standards what he has done in 1 years is something to take note of a worthy of respect anything else just shows lack of passion if you were truly a fan

Anonymous said...


i am a real barca fan.

and dot count u as oe i cut u as a stuid succes fan .

i said love pep and i will always want him to stay at barca stuff but more as a coach assistent

barca4life said...

Why is it every half baked crazy person runs on the internet and says when messi loses his magic in 4-5 years we will sell him. Did we sell xavi? did we sell iniesta? Did we sell puyol? Valdes? Marquez? We do not sell players that are not troublemakers. Once messi behaves himself and continues to be humble and give it 100% he will stay at the camp nou. In 4-5 years messi will be 26 or 27. We will not sell one of the best players in the world who we grew in his prime just as we did not sell xavi last season and we will not sell iniesta next year. Stop with the nonsense. Messi is not etoo or ronaldinho. Neither of them came through the barca youth system. Etoo said it himself Barca was just a job to him. Messi owes barca his life.

M10 said...

anony, your not a barca fan if you dont believe in the coach that won us the treble

hleb was given a shot but he didnt adapt to the football/lifestyle besides he was always gonna end up on the bench with henry,eto,messi,iniesta, and xavi playing which he whined about by saying he regretted leaving arsenal and what not, also the language think is any bullshit, just because henry, keita, abidal etc. are foreigners doesnt mean they cant fluently learn spanish which they have, and weather or not pep counted on hleb doesnt excuse him of not adapting to the language and football, and maybe if he did, then in fact pep wouldve counted on him more, and you got dinho mixed up too, the party shit started happening when he was going downhill in the 07-08 season which caused his departure, its not like was always a party animal/fat since we got em, and about messi.. you shouldnt even comapare him to anybody

Anonymous said...

Anony, it's obvious English isn't your first language. I don't mean to sound insulting, but what is your first language?

While we're on the subject, Henry does speak Spanish and Catalan, in case you haven't listened to any interviews. He picked both up very quickly. And I'm pretty sure Abidal and Keita both learned Spanish.

M10 said...

HA, your calling me a glory hunter anony, that just proves you dont know shit because i still was dedicated to barca even after the horrible 07-08 season

but dedications obviouly a word you dont understand, probably along with other words too because it looks like english isnt your first language beacuse you cant type for shit son

blaugrana1 said...


FCB_fR3aK said...

The Anonymous who says Pep Guardiola is a bad coach.

First of all, I just wanna say thank you , cause i was having a pretty bad day until i read ur post. Ur justifications were ridiculousy funny and downright retarded. You have proved that you are complete moron who cannot comprehend how much Pep contributed to our success last season. You are just another Pep HATER and ur opinion is completely based on personal reasons.
a)Some1 who loves the club and will die for it.
b)A coach who knows wat he wants from his players n how to get it.
c)Humility and unbelievable man management skills.
d)Some1 who nurtures potential but will also put complacent underperformers to the sword.
e)A genius tactitian (Completely outwitted Alex fergusson)

I really thought the treble would shut dumbfucks like you up for a long time but i was wrong. And wat are u going on about this whole Hleb thing ? LOl.. Hleb was a complete waste of a player here. Did u see his performances ? Did u expect him to get the nod ahead of SAN FUCKING ANDRES ? ARE U RETARDED ? Im glad he threw that underperformer out on his ass.

With the exception of Alves and Pique , Pep took over the same squad of 07-08 , a squad that got humiliated by madrid , dumped out of europe and just seemed to lack that edge. Not to mention he kicked out 2 of our biggest stars that were underperforming. Every1 doubted him.. and look wat he got us..This was the most dominant season in the history of club football.
Guardiola is a fucking genius. MArk my words, he's gonna be one of the greats.
And he is the find of the decade (as manager) , after messi of course :)

Anonymous said...

Anony you are Real (barca) fan :)

Kxevin said...

It was Stuttgart and a side that doesn't even deserve to be able to buy a ticket to a Champions League match. Of course Hleb will look good. That level of competition is a far cry from what he faced at Barcelona, and in the Liga.

It doesn't prove that Guardiola is a bad coach. It proves that Hleb is of sufficient quality to shine in what will be a mid-table Bundesliga side. Good for him.

If he'd had the quality, he would have shown in something more than fits and starts. Like any quality coach, Guardiola demands that you sing for your supper. If you can't sing, you sit. It's that simple.

It's also the kind of environment that breeds mental toughness, something Hleb just didn't have. So he's in Stuttgart, and wishes he were still at Arsenal. Good on him.

Jerry_prez said...

Come on, please don't use bad words in your arguments!
You all have some good points.
I don't know if Pep is a good or bad coach in general, what I know is that:
- Pep has FCB blood in him, he loves this team.
- Pep is a master in motivating players, keeping the team as a united unit and always keep on fighting.
- Pep is a nice, humble and intelligent guy, read his interviews for proof. I love that.
- Pep is a master of Total Football, which FCB is playing
- Pep cares about all the details, to ensure everything going well, he's an exceptional manager!
- Apparently, he's not a tactical genius, but he's still good. He has the faith in players he choosed, which is a very important factor with teams playing Total Football (beside the faith between each and every player on the pitch).

So in general, he's now the best choice for FCB, no matter he's good or bad. HE'S THE BEST CHOICE AVAILABLE!

Amar said...

this is simple.

the two biggest rival for barca last season was real madrid and manchester utd.
pep guardiola outwitted juande ramos tactically in the bernabeu and also outwitted ferguson tactically in the final.
if the fact that pep made ferguson look ordinary and clueless doesnt ring any bell to some people...then u have to be either a moron or a moron. choose one.

if ferguson coaches barca he will fail majestically. its not about how big ur name is or how much experience u have. its about what u understand in football. its what ur idea of football is. pep knows more football than even ferguson and the proof is the fact that PEP PERFECTED RIJKAARD'S SYSTEM WHICH WAS ITSELF A PERFECTION OF THE CRUYF SYSTEM!!!

Alhad said...

Anony, i fail to understand ur logic that Pep does not hav a plan B, he has shown several brilliant plan B's in season 2008-09, just a few examples:

We were 1-0 down at Rcing and he brought Messi on, he scored 2 goals and won us that game

1-0 down against Getafe, Henry comes on for Bojan, left flank starts working

Most brilliant plan B was even before the game started against ManU...he played Messi in the centre and Eto'o on the right and completely confused Manu's defence

If we watch the season again we'll find several more examples...so i dont get ur logic of Pep not having plan B

HH said...

Anony, are you Hleb himself? If yes then good luck in Bundesliga... forget about Barca and move on :-) You don't have to be bittert, you had your shots but you didn't show it.

To call Pep a bad coach is clearly bullsh*t. After what happened last season, I can't imagine anyone to allow themselves talk bad about Pep.

Anurag said...

OK, lets stop bashing Anony because he simply does not understand how pep is being called a good coach.

1. Pep is a good coach because he can get the best out of any player who is willing to work. Eg. Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Puyol, Eto'o, Henry and everyone else who was lacklustre in the 07/08 season.

2. He is a motivator like NO other. Did you see that CL final video? Trust me, I had a frog in my throat while watching it, I was so emotional. Can you imagine the effect it had on the players?

3. He recognises dead wood like Hleb and realises the need to get rid of him.

4. He tactically outclassed coaches of the calibre of Ferguson and Ramos, with the same squad (almost), with which Rijkaard was ineffective.

5. The only thing you base your arguments over is the Chelsea game. What plan B do you want Barca to adopt? Name one tactical idea that will break through a parked bus with 100% efficiency? Can you? CAN YOU? No.

Think before you talk. Very few of us here are glory hunters. I for my part have supported Barca since 2003, through the nightmare seasons of 06/07 and 07/08, just like many on this blog.

Never ever blame Pep for Hleb's bullshit.

Fenderek said...

Ha, ha, ha- maybe it is Hleb himself... never learned Spanish- seems like he never picked English either ;)

It amazes me. I have been a Barcelona fan since 1991. I have been watching football since 1988. I have NEVER seen any club playing as beautifully, never seen a club as dominant in those years as FC Barcelona this season. To say that Pep is a bad coach is propbably one of the most retarded things one can say- simply because he took pretty much the same squad that got humiliated last year and actually even sold two of his biggest stars. Without them he took the same players and won everything. Every single thaing that had to be won- and all of those wins in style that I have never seen. Some ppl say Brazil in 1970 played that well. Don't know- wasn't born yet. But in my lifetime (I'm 29)- I have never seen anything like that. It wasn't football anymore- it was art. The off ball movement, pressing the opposition, possession, shots, vision, understanding. Games like 6:1 with Atletico (was it 4:0- after 15 minutes?), 6:2 against real, Champions League final... seriously- that was the same team that half a year earlier lost 1:4 in madrid, looked pedestrian against Manchester United in CL semifinal... It was Pep who chcnged that.

Now let's discuss Hleb.
Watch the game at bernabeu and tell me exactly where should he play? He got his chances- it's not like he played in 2-3 games. He played in Spanish Cup. What did he contribute? Nothing, really. I am not saying he is a bad player- but he is not good enough for a club like Barca. Where you have to fight for your place every week, where you have to face opposition twice as concentrated as against any other club (I mean- they play Barca, they will give 200% to get a good result against us), where every single week you have to prove you are a winner. A fighter.
Something that Hleb simply isn't if he chose to go to Stuttgart insead of Inter. He didn't learn Spanish. He didn't even try. The place in the starting line-up (I swear, can someone tell me exactly WHERE should he play? instead of whom???) wasn't given to him on the silver plate- and he gave up.

Now that's just a proof that he wasn't MENTALLY prepared (and probably never will be) to play in a team like FC Barcelona.

To shine in an avarage team- now taht's easy when you have a bit of a talent. But when you go to a team like Barca, especially when everybody performs just like we did last year- you have to step up. Hleb couldn't handle this. Straight away he regreted leaving Arsenal- instead of fighting.

Good luck at Stuttgart.

Tohar Investment Limited said...

hey pep,why are u not foloowing our loan out players again this season?pls lets get news about them,i heard that hleb scored for sttugart and keirrison was not even in the match list of banficas 1-1 draw.

FCB_fR3aK said...

LOL @ how anonymous put his tail between his legs and ran the fuck out of here. Im glad alot of you guys also agree that pep is nothing short of spectacular for his achievements in just one year. The transition from a mediocre lack lustre team to a team , THAT DICTATES THE WAY FOOTBALL IS PLAYED and the REFERENCE POINT for the entire footblalling world.

Lets all chill out and brace ourselves for the next season. Cause i believe a team that wins is great. But a team that retains is the GREATEST.

VIsca EL BARCA !!!!

pep said...

We'll pick it up later, Bojanibra!

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