Sunday, 16 August 2009

Henrique will most probably leave again on loan

Asked about the situation of Barcelona central defender Henrique Adriano Buss (22) (read more here), Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has suggested at a press conference that the player will not stay with the squad this season:

"I would compare his situation with that of Martín Cáceres. He's a young footballer. Defensively, it's a very interesting player, he's very agressive when marking an opponent.

But being a central defender at Barça asks a lot of things from you and at this moment, I prefer players who are more adapted to Barça's way of playing like Muniesa or Fontàs. A young player like him needs to have playing time and that's why we will have to decide in the next fifteen days if it's better for his evolution that he will again leave on loan, this time to a club that is closer and where we can follow his performances better."

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barca4life said...

That has to be a crushing blow to his morale. I mean to have a good season by most accounts in Germany and then come back and be left out for a 17 year old and a 19 year old must be really hard to take. Honestly like Caceres and Hleb I dont think he will be back.

Anonymous said...

Do you really count on Caceras and Hleb getting back??? The reason tey were sent on loan itself is to beat less loss compared to selling them this season, at least in the case of Hleb... Even Caceras won't be coming back I guess, though he's a very promising defender his game style being totally different from us :(

marws said...

Eh... does that make sense? "We prefer players who are more adapted to the club", and they loan im out. Thats a great way of making him more adapted to the club. Eighter sell him or keep him.

Anonymous said...

loan for what sake?
sell him rather than loan him.

Athul said...

Selling them based on last year's performances would fetch you peanuts

Anonymous said...

It is really strange how few people here understand that concept Athul.

fcbee said...

He performed quite well with Bayer last season. Best player of their team during first round. If he has a worse second loan year, his prize will drop even more.

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