Monday, 17 August 2009

Coaches Want More Players

Catalan sports newspaper Sport reports that the FC Barcelona technical staff is disappointed with the lack of reinforcements brought in over the summer. Noting that the team has not even been able to replace departed players Alexander Hleb and Martin Caceres, the coaches are concerned that Barca may not have an appropriate number of quality players given the large number of games the team will likely play this year.

As has been widely discussed, Barca will be contesting six titles in the coming season and will likely lose key players during the African Cup of Nations in January. In this context, the team has failed to land most of its top targets over the summer, including Chygrynskiy, Mascherano, Mata, Luis Filipe, Villa, and Ribery. Only Ibrahimovic and Maxwell have successfully been brought to the Camp Nou.

Technical Secretary Txiki Begiristain points out that the players Barca has targeted are very expensive and that the alternatives on the transfer market are not necessarily better than players already in the system.
According to Sport, the technical staff has recently met to discuss the roster situation and are determined to finalize any further moves before September 1.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Boy!!! back-up aren't gonna be any better than the treble winning stars... But dear, you could find better players than our unfinished youth products

Anurag said...

if we dont get backups for CM and LW, we are going to have a rough season ahead.

Nite said...






Dani Alves


Jonathan Dos Santos




sorry i think we have more depth than any other team in la liga we have more depth that last year and still we won the treble ...anything extra that comes will just mean more youth leaving...

Barca>madrid said...

just cause we have talented youth doesn'tc mean there ready to be in the first team

skanjos said...

nite you fail for having espasadin on your list (that guy sucks and we saw that in the friendlies):P.seriusly how can you count those players for the first team?nolito?dalmau?.....even from the players pep took with him not many are on high lvl in order to play even cup matches...the only ones pep counts are muniesa,fontas,dos santos,jeffren and thats because he doesnt have any other solution.

we need 1 midfielder more at least or else its xavi/iniesta/busqets for 2 months for 3 positions ,ok lets add dos santos .......lets move messi to amc too......lets move marquez to dm too....... we can do fine...(sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

lets go Cheeky! the fans want them, the coaches insist on them...
lets sign the players we need.
my realistic list
cb/dm-vincent kompany

bosnian_likes_barca said...

If it's true that we have 60 millions transfer budget reamaining, it's so strange why we don't buying anybody yet. I don't know is it possible to buy somebody from Real Madrid,if it is, Robben, Sneijder or Van der Vart woud be good solutions. I would spend big money for Robben (abouth 25-30 millions. Sneijder is so good for the middle too.

I have some feeling that we will get some fantastic expensive player in comming days

Anonymous said...

because,money doesn't always buy everything.
our top priority this summer like
ribery,mascherano(cesc),chygrynsky...they are too expensive and we spent lots of time to release etoo(to replace him),couldn't have enough time to negotiate another big players.

i hope we can get kompany or least one more player needed.

Anonymous said...

because,money doesn't always buy everything.
our top priority this summer like
ribery,mascherano(cesc),chygrynsky...they are too expensive and we spent lots of time to release etoo(to replace him),couldn't have enough time to negotiate another big players.

i hope we can get kompany or henanese...i think we need at least one more player .

Anonymous said...

not too expensive cb's are:
Moreno(AZ Alkmaar)
ok maybe not cheap but hood enough for barca

TengkuAmir10 said...

To tell you guys the truth,actually Jeffren is a bad player you know that?

Anonymous said...

Espasadin! Give me a break! This guy is a fourth division player. He is not a Barcelona youth product, he was bought from fourth division to third division with Athletic. Time to wake up. We need more depth! No excuses, Txiki!

Barca nerd-fan said...

Veloso, Arteta or Moutinho.

barca4life said...

Veloso and Moutinho are cup tied. They already played in CL qualifiers with Sporting. This is just what i've been saying for a while now and getting bashed for. We need some more depth, however i do agree somewhat with txiki. If it comes down to buying diego capel or keeping pedro and jeffren I'd rather go with the young players who have been in our youth academy. If we are buying it should be somebody that brings more quality than we already have.

Anonymous said...

Txiki is making up excuses, barca4life. This is the reality. He needs to act fast if he is to regain his credibility. One defender, one midifielder and one forward. This is needed for a very long season.

Dolce said...

The situation is so difficult because Barca missed the first 6-7 weeks in the transfer market by saying that they need to wait that the market cools off. But now other teams dont want to sell their best players anymore and some players are already cup tied! Barca should decide quickly what they need and then move right away. Just send concrete offers to the club chiefs and stop talking only to the agents! If we can get a player like Eboue for 7-8 million(but do we still need a CB after that?) then the team could spend big on a midfielder. Why speak about RM players, because they wont sell us for example Robben? If Pep doesnt count on Henrique, then the team must be buy a defender and also a MD who can cover Xavi and Iniesta. Nite, players who are used on the field should be able to carry the team and not just "be there". Its obvious that Barca cant count on many youth players if the team want to remain winning ways, only Pedro, Muniesa and maybe Jeffren can be given a chance to show their potential in the first team but thats it.

Unknown said...

Lets sign the realistic players with the money we have.

Vertogan or whatever his name is from Ajax

SJP said...

everybodys favourite scapegoat - txiki. be serious we have tried to get quality players but come up aganist dumb chairman. we are not Real Madrid we wont just offer ridiculous money, look at that list - Chygr (25mil), Masch (50mil), Villa (50mmil), ribery (60mil) = 185mil. i'd be disgraced if barca spent that much, if we had landed one of them people would not be complaining so much. he has been trying and will still get enforcements, hopefully get kompany not eboue and then maybe a CM, montavilo would be good, although dont know if he is cup tied?

barca4life said...

I think its clear by now we arent signing brazillian players that play in brazil and putting them straight into our first team. See Henrique and Keirrison. And since according to people Hernanes price will be down because of bad form of his club its even less likely

barca4life said...

Oh yeah and valencia dont want to sell any player. Not villa not silva not mata not pablo not joaquin. Apparently seeing villa's barca "contract" printed on the front of EMD and seeing txiki and barca officials publicly talking to villa without valencia's permission have pissed them off and this is after them already having a crazy-ass president who makes deals and then come back and ask for more money.

Anonymous said...

It seems that various members of Liverpool FC travelled to Bilbao last night to witness the Spanish SuperCup game between Athletic & FC Barcelona. That was to scout Fernando Amorebieta.

Now Rafa Benitez scouts a LOT of players from Spain, exploits a LOT of Spanish talent... examples---> Fernando Torres, Arbeloa, Riera(not so great but not mediocre as well, plays for Spain!), etc. And we instead scout NO-BODY's. Not saying Chyhrynskiy is a mediocre player, but come on, you can't be sure he would be success with us. Recent examples of our bad scouting---> Caceras, Hleb, Henrique, etc. None of them are actually bad, but none could also not get accustomed to our style.
There's some thing wrong with our scouting system itself :(

LeónDragón said...

it's difficult to bring new players, who are willing to sit on the bench as backup's, for the right prize and with quality, but for me, it's necessary and time is running out.
this season promises to be much more tougher, more competition and stronger opponents, as everyone will try to beat us now, after last seasons success.
to me, it's ridiculous to see new transfers as fillers, as they will be needed, now with hleb and caceres (who were crap, but available) gone.
to count on youth is good, but doubt, that it's realistic, as the season can bring injuries of keyplayers (hope not) and the ACN coming.
bojan didn't convinced me so far, he has talent, but til' now he ain't proved, that he's ready as a starter, IMO, no matter what most here think, pedro was good, but was never proved over some games in a row (also not very experienced, what's needed specially in the cl), jeffren? don't know, gudjohnsen? with him, it's like we play ten vs twelve, alibi-footballer, better gone yesterday.
to me, a left-winger is priority, for rotation and backup for henry, or allow henry switch to center, if needed and midfielder would be good too, for the same reason, rotation, but not a must.
as i said, to count on youth is good, but to have someone on the bench, who can change games, with proved quality and experience, would make me, more confident over such a long season.
i'm sure, pep knows best, but doubt a liitle on txiki and his transfer-market-business-qualities.
hope for the best!!!
to name one, would hope for silva, as he's versatile and able to cover more positions, but just an example.
hopefully, i'm wrong for the success, but if not...time will tell

txikidracula said...

@ barcathuglife Re brazilians...
i was thinking the same thing about hernanes but txiki & co. were willing to buy him last summer after already meeting the non-euro player cap & would have played him the same way they had hleb(another non-euro dude). hernanes has already won a couple of serie a's & couple of bola de ouro's & a brazilian player of the year award. i think he'd be bled in slowly through out the season & would adapt fairly easily w/dani alves & maxwell there & both speaking fairly decent spanish. hernanes had a good game this weekend against sporting...sao paolo won 2-1 w/two men down.

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