Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hleb may leave this winter

Asked about his current situation, Barcelona attacking midfielder and Belarussian international Alexander Hleb (27) has said in an interview with Russian sports paper Sport-Express that he would leave in the winter transfer window if nothing changes:

"Thierry Henry told me that his first season in the club was not very successful too and much better than my debut. He advised me to stay until winter and said: “If nothing changes by this time it’s better to search for another club” "

Hleb has tried to find reasons of his unsuccessful start in the Champions League titleholders Barcelona:

"Frankly speaking I don’t explain why I failed to make a perfect start to my career in Barcelona. The team plays wonderfully and there couldn’t be any claims to my partners and coaches".

Hleb still hopes that he can break into the first team :

"I miss football very much and I am set to prove that I am helpful to Barcelona, that I am the first-choice player since the first day of our pre-season preparations".

Read the rest of the interview here

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barca4life said...

Come on hleb, come to training work your socks off and you will get a chance. We know you had talent at one stage since both real madrid and barcelona were after you, this season is yours to shine since we still havent found a proper LW and with the heavy workload xavi and iniesta will both need rests at times.

NouBarca said...

I hope Alex comes GREAT again. The guys has/had magnets on his feet. he can dribble the whole back 4. But Please never expect goals from him even when he is at his

Marc4barca said...

no one expects goals from hleb lol but i agree with both of you, hleb got some serious skill and he was starting out well until the injury so i dont mind him staying, i bet he wins ballon D'OR next year lol.

Don Luis said...

If he wants to go then let him go...

Anonymous said...

just go now hleb

R10FCB said...

we should of got arshavin. i was disappointed when we signed hleb instead of arshavin and now look at arshavin compared to hleb now. much better and with goal scoring abilities. try go for a swap deal between the two players either now or next season.


dude, la liga is a bitch to play in, look at how la liga players usually do really well in "the most competitive league in the world" the epl. jose antonio reyes killed it in arsenal, robinho in man city killed it, arteta in everton is the shit, fabregas doesnt even require and explanation. Shit man even rivaldo was playing in la coruna before he transfered to barca...EPL players have a tendency to flop when arriving to la liga, i hate to say it but i've never understood the Hleb transfer in the first place?


Anonymous said...

i think he will get more chances this season. we need to count on all our players. i hope he steps up.


Marc4barca said...

lol anti-madrid rossi, forlan, van nistlerooy, pires, henry, robben etc are all players that come from epl did they flop?? more people go england and fail rather cause of their tough fast paced long ball game while in spain we play more technical slow passing game which is easier for most people to play in.


Come on now obviously not ALL of them

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