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Defending Eto'o AND Barcelona. Part 1.

Defending Eto'o AND Barcelona
By: Ramzi Tanani

He’s standing there, on the top of the world. The clouds crown his shoulders, his glory shines bold. Sparking like a flame, while the nation chants his name.

The eyes seek the pride, of staring at him. The cheerful throats exploded, burning the lips rim. The trees, the breeze, the rocks, the blocks, the streets, the suites, women and men from infants to ancients, all were there to sing, the name of the king!

Then the dark wings of night, spread and squeezed the light. The king rested his eyes, waiting the sun to rise. Tomorrow? Will be the same. More praise, and blaze, and fame. What the poor soul forgot, when euphoria wine clot, the brilliance turns to blot.

The moon slowly dived, and a new day arrived. The same previous gathering, was taking place again. But he can sense a change. The joy turned to pain, the tone sounded strange. He steps out to balcony, the screams turns baloney. He is the jerk, he is the freak. A dagger that lurk, an evil geek. He is a dumb, he is a slump. He is naïve, he has to leave. A hopeless case, a crisis to face.

One heart beat, was long enough to delete, his entire feat. After being the Ace, now he is a disgrace.

Isn’t it strange?

How gods become devils at a blink of an eye. Then get dragged out, through the backdoor, no matter how they try.

That’s the story of Eto’o, Laporta, Txiki, or even Pep. It depends on the crowd you join and the hymns you chant.

There is a case to discuss, No doubt about it. Eto’o and Barcelona, his agent and the board, what’s next to predict or to expect. All that worth debating about. Yet, It’s the approach, not the perspective, that makes all this issue a case of disgrace.

Talking about the approach first, how would any Barcelona fan hate Eto’o? Insult him, underestimate his achievements with and for Barcelona. How is it possible to doubt the quality of a player who contributed in winning more Champions league titles for the club than the club had ever won? How is it possible to understand calling one of the team’s greats as mercenary? What is the message that we are sending for any player we are targeting to join this club? What is the image, the culture, and the ethical platform that we are promoting about this club that we truly believe it is more than a club?

Let me pass an early note now for what I will discuss later. I have supported and will support the idea of making the change, and having someone else to lead the front line. I have my reasons. But for the past two weeks I had to drag myself to read the wave of essays and opinions written about the guy, and this man started to wonder if I was dreaming about the night of May 27, 2009 or it’s something the entire world witnessed. I am not pointing toward the fans debates, but more the articles written by some journalists in Spain. The least to say is that it’s unacceptable.

We have a Belletti shoe at the club museum for the goal he scored at the last Champions league victory. The Brazilian was hailed when he represented Chelsea against Barcelona this season at the Camp Nou. That was a great sign of gratitude. Yet, no offense, Belletti, but its not even fair to compare Belletti's contribution in the club success, to that of Eto’o. So, Can we -at least- respect the guy? Can we, while saying whatever we feel it’s the right thing for Barcelona- at least-do some effort to pick the right words? This disgraceful free fall must stop.

Then, what about the board of directors’ quality? I can understand that sometimes the public get fooled once, but twice in less than a year is too much for my taste. One year ago we heard the same noisy voices that Laporta and co. lost it. They are flops. They have no quality. They must leave. A new board is more than needed. Luckily (it was pure luck, not common sense) that the destructive camp aiming to ruin Laporta era failed. That’s how we won the treble. Again, That’s how we won the treble. How is it possible to hide in a bush waiting for any tiny chance to punch the chin of the best board of directors we had in the club's modern history? Not only for the achievements and titles the team won, but most importantly for saving the club from being a Valencia mess. For the youth who do not know, Barcelona situation was worse than the current Valencia situation when Laporta and his board made their move. For those who were following that period, it’s always the right time to remember. Some of that first board's pioneers left the ship afterwards, true. But it’s not a reason to give them any credit. When things turned bad some ran for their lives, others faced the tsunamis and guided the club from one glory to another. The ones we have now are the ones to hail. Period.

I refuse to worship anyone just because he achieved greatness. Whether that person was Eto’o, Txiki, Laporta, Pep, you name it. But I demand that Barcelona community to be aware of the value of the people we are throwing on the table. Not only because this community has a responsibility toward the clubs present and future but also for its responsibility of recording the current era fairly in the history book of this club.

Mistakes happen. Eto’o may do it, the board of directors, the coach, or the fans. But it’s important to point out the mistakes – if they exist- without ruining everything we are proud of. This generation of Barcelona fans is luckier than they may think. Ten years ago, it was a very painful experience to be a Barcelona fan. Now it’s a carnival. Always appreciate the men who contributed in this, even while pointing out their mistakes, if they exist. So let’s pack the insults in a dark room, avoid the heat of the moment debates so we talk with some sense.

Ramzi Tanani

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Ramzi said...

Special thanks for Vj for his editing effort.

Loos said...

Great Part 1 Ramzi!

Random Juve Fan said...

I agree with this article 100%. Barca fans seem quick to forget about the goals that Eto'o has scored for the club. He is probably the top pure striker in the last 5 years and you want him out of your club? If you have a winning formula stick with it, especially in attack. Good strikers who score on a consistent basis are hard to find. I dont think Villa or Ibra are the right players to replace Eto'o either. Iaquinta is the man. FORZA JUVE!!!

Sandvik said...

Good article

Anurag said...

Ramzi strikes again, this is one of the reasons I visit this blog everyday. Your articles are always so smart and logical man.

Talking about Eto'o - yes, he has scored a lot of goals for Barca and for that I respect him. He also has a good goals/game ratio of 0.8. But, and this is the big one, he has the worst attitude of every player.

He refuses to sign an extension, refuses to come onto the pitch when subbed and refuses to continue playing because of some fan chants. Is this the mark of a professional?

Eto'o is so erratic its not funny. He can be inexplicably bad in front of goal, or he can finish chances which people can never even dream of. In other words, inconsistency.

For these reasons, it is necessary that Eto'o leaves. And that is why I believe he never gets as much love as Messi, Puyol or even Pique.

Has anyone actually seen another person sporting an Eto'o jersey?

Anonymous said...

My my...... what an article

I agree with you point that Eto has made some kind of history at Barca.

Yes, he was a great contributor as well and we shall respect him for all his efforts.

In philosophical manner; insulting a person is the easiest thing we can do (atleast human mind can do) and at the same time respecting a person is always hard thing.

Saying that, we need a change. We need power, we need height and last but not least we need new personalities. In style, no body can match the combination of Messi, Xavi and Ineista so i guess we don't need style much but we need big force and power.......(to avoid the situation of Chelsea)

Anonymous said...

Villa? Ibrahimovic? No way! Iaquinta is better! LOL just because you support Juve, you cant actually think Iaquinta is in the class of Eto, Villa or Ibra?

Anonymous said...

we all love etoo he did great things for barça he maybe doesnt deserve the same wages as messi but he deserves to be paid just lik iniesta and xavi,unfortunatly he was asking for a salary bigger than all salaries in barça thinking that the fact his contract is over soon will force laporta to accept... etoo has the right to ask the salary he wants and barça have the right to refuse his request and prefering selling instead of seeing him staying for one more year and leaving without a penny..SO noone is right noone is wrong everyone defends his intrests...etoo could stay in barça and earn a very confortable salary even if its less than messi xavi iniesta...if his goal after all is to play in a big team and win trophies

Anonymous said...

we all love etoo he did great things for barça he maybe doesnt deserve the same wages as messi but he deserves to be paid just lik iniesta and xavi,unfortunatly he was asking for a salary bigger than all salaries in barça thinking that the fact his contract is over soon will force laporta to accept... etoo has the right to ask the salary he wants and barça have the right to refuse his request and prefering selling instead of seeing him staying for one more year and leaving without a penny..SO noone is right noone is wrong everyone defends his intrests...etoo could stay in barça and earn a very confortable salary even if its less than messi xavi iniesta...if his goal after all is to play in a big team and win trophies


Exarch said...

No true Barca fan, or anyone with a good understanding of the game would doubt Eto's achievements. However, we need to account for his non-playing characteristics. As Anurag has said he has a poor attitude and the manner in which he chooses to voice his unhappiness is just plain childish.

We must also take into account Eto scores important goals, but he is also wastes far too many chances.

I would thank him for his contribution, but will gladly escort and open the door for him!

I think even Pep realises he cannot control Eto this season!

Anonymous said...

Eto'o was and is paid more than Inieata and Xavi. Just bringing fact.

KluivertsBoots said...

I don't think any of this is about Eto'o achievements. They are well known and obviously anyone can see his scoring record. I don't think Barca devalued him at all in this regard.

Simply, this is about business. We get emotionally attached to players who wear the blaugrana, but ultimately business rules the day.

Eto'o has never embraced Barcelona as a club the way he did Mallorca for giving him his first big chance. As a result, he's always been coy about his future and careful not to make promises and even appear self-serving in the attempt.

I believe Eto'o gave Barca 100% effort, but we've simply come to the point in the business arrangement when it is time to cut ties. I don't think any other club would act differently in the same circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see the "fans" take each chance to hit on Eto'o. "Thank you, but smash. We're grateful but slap". We'll see how well we'll do with the "god" Ibrahimovic. For his salary and his transfer fee, he can be sure he'll get us another treble...

fcbee said...

One note: this board really has very little to do with the treble. It was Guardiola who changed everything and he would have stayed no matter who woudl ahve been in charge.

The groundwork for this treble was more laid by the board members who are already left (both in 2005 and last summer) than by the guys that are in place now.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

ya good article to read and to point out that we shld not just go on blaming ne one one for there mistakes and forgeting there contibution and its same for etoo case or laporta
both laporta and etoo have contibuted a lot for us
but its good etoo shld now leave with respect and it will be same for laporta when his term gets over we shld remember whover comes and goes. we shld look forward to what is good for barcelona towards a better future with more trebles ..!!1
mess que en club.. visca el barca

hawk_barca_4_life said...

@ fcbee
nothing can be achieved individaully and if ne one persons contibutions would had been less then we would not have achieved wht we have
just remember to win u need a good squad , a capable coach and his staff to assist him, and a good management and board to control all the set peices from buying player to appointing coaches , to runing financial and other asspects of club , and great fan to support the club to get behind the ppl who r working for us!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not here to bash Eto'o but if's story about him not agreeing to transfer to Inter is true, then I really think this guy needs to go. Seems like he's trying to torpedo anything Barca does just so he can get a free transfer. If that's the case then Barca should just sit him out this season and ruin his career just like he's trying to ruin their season. I don't care what anyone says but this guy's behavior is unexcusable and I really want him out now!!

fcbee said...

I didn't talk about individually achieving something, hawk, so try someone else...

Ramzi said...

fcbee, I cant disagree with you more. So I need to respond to that one:

1) Who hired Pep as a coach? It looks like an obvious choice by now, but when he was hired, everyone was chanting for Mourinho. And by the way, how many players of the treble achievers squad were brought by "the ones who left". So I cant see there contribution that exceed the contribution of the ones who stayed.

2) "The ones who left" were part of the group with "the ones who stayed". So everything happened back then was planned by them all. Its not that "the one who left" were running the club back then.

3) The reasons why "the ones who left" left, were exactly the reasons why barcelona succeeded later on. Because "the ones who left" where wrong about it, and "the ones who stayed" were right. Keeping the coach for instant instead of the typical panic saking that governed the club for decades. "The ones who left" Left because "the ones who stayed" refused to sack the coach that won titles later on. Noting that I am not a big Frank fan.

4) The ones who left were behind the big voting Mess we have seen last summer. But it seems that everytime "the ones who left" fail, the club achieve more.

Noting that my five cents about eto'o status with the club will follows, this part was more a humn to thank the ones who were there -together- in bad times and great times.

LeónDragón said...

that's it

hawk_barca_4_life said...

@ fcbee if u cant agree with me then ramzi coment is more than enough for u to understand .!!
its not like i am against ur opinion ...peace

Josep "Pep" Guardiola i Sala - We are strikers who defend, we are defenders who attack, we are speed, we are strength, we are effort, we are precision, we are as one... We are Barça

u can understand 4m this quote how important was everybuddy's contribution including the current board

Anonymous said...

Ramzi I agree with your assessment. I find it really weird that people don't give management the credit they deserve over the past 5 years...2 champion leagues, 3 liga titles, a spanish cup, world player of the year awards, enhancement of the club's image...People begin to panic and not look at the accomplishments. No other team has been as good as Barca over the past couple of years and I credit Laporta for his team along with the coaches and the players.

I honestly believe that Madrid worked behind the scenes in the Filipe and Villa sagas just to destabilize Barca. They know they have to achieve something this season after their excessive spending and they also have doubts about their team's chemistry...their only chance for their project to succeed is for Barca's to fail.

Keep doing what your doing Laporta and co. We're with ya!

Cesc Pistol said...

Look Ramzi, you raise good points and all but you have to realize that the people that have a voice in the club are Catalans. And if anything they are unique. The fact the people who are legends Cruijff, the dream team and Dinho were thrown out and kicked when they were down. You've apparently been with the club for long and I don't need to say how poorly we've treated our Legends. And if anything loudmouth Eto'o doesn't even come close to comparing to previously mentioned Legends.

The mistakes were done last year when we were unjustly trying to throw Eto'o out just because the team needed a change, a new era.
When Marquez, Puyol and Xavi are considered part of the new project then why not Eto'o? Last year, it was all the clubs fault.

Anyways that was last year and now it is this. The bitterness in this year has been solely created by Eto'o. Barca is work, I don't love it, refusal to sign an extension, refusal for transfer etc. Eto'o wants to hurt the club and that is unacceptable. Add to that his terrible performances in the second half and you can see why many are so eager to see him leave.

It is all rather unfortunate but the damage has been done and all we can do is learn and move forward.

I hope you understand all the points I mentioned even though I only briefly touched upon them. You may come up with more parts to this and this all fine, atleast save some pride and dignity for Eto'o. But regardless it is a futile exercise. There is just no going back now, we have done the best possible thing and used him to leverage our buy of Ibra. A better deal couldn't have been conceived. Let us hope and pray it works out and when he leaves we can pay our tribute to a man who clearly deserves it.

LeónDragón said...

i want to disagree with all those who spend big words about the character of anyone at barca or any financial-stuff, without being involved into any actions, as no one here knows what really goes on behind the scenes.
but as i said earlier, as true fans, we can have opinions about a players worth or praise those, who, we think, are worth.
but to judge or trying to find the guilty ones at any cases is not only ridiculous and stupid, but also laughable, as the truth is hard to find between all the words said or the masses of media-information-b***s***.
to talk about who's right or wrong, or what a type of character etoo or anybody else is, should stay in the world of speculations, as no one knows any of them personally, without the media-influence. so my advice is to stay on facts and sober opinions and concentrate on a players skills or importance and not speculate about off-the-pitch-behaviour, godamnit.
for me, etoo will always be king for what he did for our club like many others too. and if anyone here pays his wage or train him, manage him, he can say something more about him, otherwise it's nonsens

fcbee said...

"1) Who hired Pep as a coach? It looks like an obvious choice by now, but when he was hired, everyone was chanting for Mourinho. And by the way, how many players of the treble achievers squad were brought by "the ones who left". So I cant see there contribution that exceed the contribution of the ones who stayed."

Txiki brought Pep. Now you'll say: Laporta brought Txiki. Fair enough. But that way it always comes down to the president.

Rosell brought Ronaldinho, everybody agrees and without Ronaldinho this team would still have been were it was in 2003 no matter what Laporta would ahve do. Soriano cleaned up the financial mess. Credit should be given to the right people.

"2) "The ones who left" were part of the group with "the ones who stayed". So everything happened back then was planned by them all. Its not that "the one who left" were running the club back then."

See previous comment. And in point 3 and 4, you prove you don't follow the Spanish adn catalan media, I'm afraid. They're crucial to know what's really going on.

Harsha said...

@ Ramzi : Dude, as soon as i read the 1st sentence of this article, i stopped going further. you are talking about some "breeze, rocks, clouds, glory, flames" What is this man?? is it an essay writing competition to show off your vocabulary?? it felt like one of those "Reading Comprehension" passages while i was preparing for my GRE.

Anonymous said...

Harsha, you should have read on instead of criticising without reason. Don;t tell me you've never heard the above words before. Just because an article is well written.

Anurag said...

I am still wondering if it is Eto'o or his agent Mesalles pulling the strings that are causing trouble right now...My bet is with Mesalles.

Ramzi said...

Fcbee, I didnt know that Txiki was one of "the ones who left" , I probably need to follow the catalan media more :)

May be I understood your first comment wrong, you said:

"One note: this board really has very little to do with the treble. It was Guardiola who changed everything and he would have stayed no matter who woudl ahve been in charge."

I replied:

"Who hired Pep", the answer is "the current board (which happens to include Txiki, not only laporta)".

But I won't dive further in that, we agree not to agree.

barca nike said...

Luis Suarez Inter technical director says that Ibra will play in barcelona next season and Hleb may not be in the deal

Anurag said...

@barca nike - please post a link man!! i want to see this for myself. if hleb is not included, it is good. we need midfield backup.

SpenBarca!!!!!! said...

I've got to respond to y'all suckers!! Give Eto'o the respect he deserves. This guy has giving alot to barca y'all know that. Someone mentioned eto'o is inconsistent. Look, since eto'o joined our club in 2004 we've alwayz been winning trophies when he's not injured and when that happens, he's alwayz among the top scorers. check ya stats. The man is more consistent than any top scorer out there when he's on form. His contract states he will get a pay rise after a period of time at club with great contribution. He's been there don that. Give the man a pay rise mayb not as much as messi, but lil more than he's earning for such an outstanding season.
Its true he has a attitude, but u know what? he's not alone Ronaldo does too and many others. Inshort, those things are in the past, he's more mature than before. He's grown into a great player and a great parent. I don't think he said anything nasty last season as far as i can remember. He's now a man not the boy we know back then. Things change and so does men.

Just to get this straight, why do u think u don't people with eto'o jerseys at games? It's simple and i'll let it out today!!!! Spain is the most racist nation of european football. The stats are there. People of color suffer in spain!!! Yes i said it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barca nike said...

Anurag said...

@SpenBarca - If spain was racist, there would be no R10 shirts EVER. So your point is struck down.

Ronaldo has attitude but -
-has he ever REFUSED to come on as a sub???!!!
-has he walked off the pitch when the fans taunted him? he in fact gets taunted ten times as much as etoo ever can imagine.

"When he is on form" - unfortunately, that is not very often.

Don't be rude, its not good for your health or that of others.

And barca nike, yea saw it on Very happy to read this.

barca nike said...

and i read it on another site

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, as i mentioned earlier nice article. I meant to say nice point.

But i somewhat agree with Harsha's point. This writing is like a business writing. It seems like i am reading a Harvard business review rather than sports article.

Pep was excellent at writing, Simple and to the point.

And yes, i also did not read the entire article as it was very hard to read.

No office to the writer but somewhat simple language would be greatly appreciated..... (I have been reading this blog since last couple of months and i visit this blog at least 5 times a day if not more)

Marc4barca said...

shut up fool senna plays for spanish national team and one of the favorites, germany is the most racist nation, damn nazis. the fact the argument about what eto has done for the club keeps coming back up is annoying. everyone hear is a barca fan no need to lecture us on what eto did, if you want eto stay then call laporta and tell him. this argument has gone since the beginning of the transfer season. people are now talking on which is better villa or zlatan, eto is destined to leave get over it.

Byronic said...

I will always cherish my Barca jersey with Eto'o on the back.

The good and the bad, nothing beats the big smile he brought to the pitch.

Maybe its time for both barca and Eto'o to take on a new challenge, but we should respect all he has done for the club.

Good luck at Inter Eto'o!

SpenBarca said...

Eto'o-Ibra deal is not done yet!! talks are still on..its not a done deal. STOP REPORTING LIES!!!!!!!!!!

hawk_barca_4_life said...

ya i too have bought an etoo jersey of last sesaon but want to him to leave with all due respect ..he has been great but now a change is good
i want etoo to leave that dosent mean i am not appreciating his effort he has been great for us .1!!

Anonymous said...

@fcbee: that is so not true. if rosell had stayed eto'o would have been shown the door long ago. its a known fact the guy never liked him. laporta treated him better than rosell ever did. and he did get dinho for us but didnt he also plan to get rid of him cos he believed brazilian players are only good for 3 years, after that they lose their motivation? so if rosell stucked around maybe we would still have 1 CL trophy instead of 3 but who knows right. i just find it a bit of a stretch to say that those who left "laid the ground work". i mean its so easy to not judge people who left. cos they didnt stay long enough to commit mistakes.


Xaviniesta said...

*cos after all

fcbee said...

You clearly referred to Laporta (or at least "the board") when you asked "Who hired Pep as a coach?", Ramzi.

And Txiki isn't part of the board anyway...

fcbee said...

" and he did get dinho for us but didnt he also plan to get rid of him cos he believed brazilian players are only good for 3 years, after that they lose their motivation?"

Wouldn't it have been a good thing if Roniie would have left after three years. He went down after that and we didn't win prices anymore...

Ramzi said...

If you read all my articles and comments fcbee, you will notice a common termenoligy: Laporta and co., Pep and co.

I dont believe in anything beside teamwork, so you clearly missunderstood.

You dont like Laporta, Fair enough. But sandro himself said it: Laporta asked him to join him in his quest to take over Barcelona.

So if we want to go far in this coditional IF argument: If Laporta wouldnt have invited him, he wouldnt have joined the board, and he wouldnt have bought Roni.

And for the reccord, its the board who bought Roni, sandro had a major contribution, but again if laporta is not the man (its the group), the same goes for Sandro as well.

When he come back to power, we see what he does, then we evaluate him. Taking credits out of this board pocket lead by Laporta and put it in sandro hat just because it feels like that is something I cant do.

fcbee said...

Like I said: then you can bring everytjhing down to Laprta. Then the coach and the players didn't do anything because where all put in place by someone who was in place by someone who was put in place by Laporta. Now we should wait and find who put Laporta in place, because he's the real person to thank...

I was talking about the board, so if you reply to that talking about something else, you should specify. Then you also cannot crawl back afterwards...

And without Rosell, no Ronnie. Clear as that, he was the man with the contacts, laporta didn't have any contacts in international football. And without Ronnie no resurrection. Clear as that. If you want to add: without Laporta, no Rosell, fine. If you want to put Rosell's credits in Laporta's hat, fine too.

Ramzi said...

fcbee, cheer up. its all cool :)

fcbee said...

It sure is, no problem...

You just don't seem to like to discuss. You're more someone who states things.

Cesc Pistol said...

I think you guys need to see the documentary called Barca confidential by Nat Geo. It is a behind the scenes look on the first season. It'll explain everything in very clear terms. Then you can ask yourself who did what. Rosell is little more than an ego maniac who has great contacts with Brazilian Nike.

fcbee said...

Contacts that were crucial for the resurrection of the team. The psychological analysis, I leave that to you.

Xaviniesta said...

@fcbee: maybe so but then later on he turns around and says he would keep dinho if he gets elected( remember the vote last year?).i thought that was a bit of duplicity on his part. anyway, no one disputes his role in the resurrection, i give him full credit for recruiting dinho to the cause, tho on hindsight that seemed opportunistic enough and easily achieved. credit also to those people he brought in with him, they worked wonders esp soriano and that marketing guy (forgot his name), i'm sure barca fans are appropriately grateful. i just take exception to sweeping statements that would discredit the hard work of those who stayed.

Ramzi said...

Not really, fcbee. I am a debates freak, as long as I dont sense stress and erritation from the other party. Because when things heat up, mind emigrates. So its better to stop it somewhere till things cool down.

I was a sandro fan myself. till I noticed lot of fishy things I didnt like. I wouldnt deny his contribution in the club success. But if this successfull system that we has now was actually-entirely what he planned then why did he resign? I think this is a logical question. He opposed lot of things that proved being right. Denying that, is unreasonable. he was crucial and vital for the new project to kick off. But saying that he had more impact in the club treble than the current board sounded too much for me, and unfair. Thats all.

ej said...

i respect what you say but i really have problems with etoo staying , here what i think

Guys please read this and answer me what xou think

Guys i dont know if you remember this or not but i knew that Etoo gonna do something stupid in the Press Conference and i post it 1 day before.

i will tell you some facts about Eto'o , he is this kind of person who is very emotional , feel always not appreciated enough even from the newspaper and fifa so he said before some years if my name was etonio i would be called as best player .

Such a guy you always need to be careful from him when you do somethiung that he can explode in your face (like the pressconference)

last season was a wonderful season so it was really hard to make problems but yes he did :
1) saying for press barca is only a job (this just hurt barca ultra fans with no reason)

2) he was sent off during training from pep because he was not training seriously in ome day

3) he goes to the press and announce after Barca won a liga game without messi : "Iniesta is the best player in the world" its really nice sentence but people who know etoo , knew exactly why he said that it was just again against a south american player (messi) even if he though this he could remember that messi was 2 times 2. best and this sentence is really stupid

4) He cannot controll his stupid mouth . I hate madrid but i just like that my players respect them selfesd and respect the teams the play against he was screaming for all barca fan after winning laliga "Barca champion madrid cabron" , this is a sentence i would like to hear from a drunk barca fan or a 15 years old guy not from a Barca Player .
and you know when a player speak aboiut his x team like this dont wonder if he spell on barca after he leave .

so for me etoo leaving is good for barca since he wont be playing and if we dont sedll him he will be getting 7.5 M euro for sitting outside the field next season

YURISTA said...

nice blog

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