Saturday, 18 July 2009

Caceres very close to Juventus loan

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona central defender and Uruguayan international Martín Cáceres (22) could move to Juventus.

Barcelona would want Cáceres, whose contract expires in 2012, to have more playing minutes and, after having looked at an offer by Turkish club Galatasaray, a deal with Juventus on a one-year loan would now be very close.

In contrast to what had been previously mentioned (read more here), Juventus midfielder and Danish international Christian Poulsen (29) would not be part of the deal.

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Anonymous said...

It would be a bad decision. If we want him in the future then loan him to a la liga team otherwise sell him.

mariop said...

hey pep i posted some articles on the draft blog how can i post them
thanks for responding


pep said...

We'll have it.

barca nike said...

EMD claims that eto'o is refusing to be Ibrahimovic's deal.

Manolo said...

Im pleased!
Better that he get some playtime than noting!

But sure, we prefer to a spanish club.
But u should also know that Juventus is a topclub and playing in the CL so he will get some good playtime wich he doesn't get in the spanish midtable teams

fcbee said...

EMD is just an anti-Eto'o paper. Now they're saying that it all comes down to Eto'o, while Zlatan's agent clearly said yesterday it was far from a done deal for him.

Søren Mortensen said...

Best news of the day.
Not about Caceres, I don't understand why Juve. I can't believe they will make him a starter, especially if he is to return next year, at best he'll be a sub. At a high level, yes, but wouldn't he benefit more from being a starter at a club right beneath the best?

No, the best news of the day, of the week possibly since 27/5, is the news that psychopath Chr. Poulsen will NOT be joining Barca.

OLALEKAN said...

i dont like this,caceres will never be a starter in juve.pls just let him go to zaragoza.we will monitor him well there.

Anonymous said...

good. Paulsen SUCKS.

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