Wednesday, 15 July 2009

India national team in Barcelona

The national soccer team of India is in Barcelona for a training camp on the FCB facilities. The side has been in Barcelona since July 5 and will train until August 6 when they return to New Delhi for a tournament.

During their rest period on Tuesday, the internationals were given a tour of the stadium, including the changing rooms, pressroom, and the pitch. The players were all aware that the turf is currently being replanted, and took advantage of this to take pictures of the field in such unusual circumstances. But where the cameras really started clicking was in the museum, where the three trophies won in the treble are on display.

The team's manager, Bob Houghton, said “there are a lot of Barça supporters in this team. Because they aren’t all that tall, the player they most identify with is Messi.”

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Culer_Than_Thou said...

I hope something of the Barca game rubs off onto them.

Just a teeny-weeny bit of it would be a great improvement ;)

On a serious note, its good to see our players finally get a feel of how world-class facilities are like. Kudos to Bob Houghton for organizing trips like these. There was a marked improvement in the players after the Portugal tour last year.

Good luck Team India.

Xaviniesta said...

they must all be barca fans by now :D

Culer_Than_Thou said...

Half of them already were...

Sunil Chehtri, India's star striker and exciting young prospect is a known avid Cule.

M4V3R1K said...

Come on INDIA !! I hope this tour sparks the game of our football team, lets get into the top 100 of fifa rankings .. Forca INDIA !! Chak de Barca :P

Je me'apelle Samuel said...

Keep up the good work NEW GUYs...thx

Anurag said...

ah, the indian team is hopeless. anyone actually seen them play? they lost 7-0 to japan, who in turn lost 6-0 to brazil :P :P :P

lokiG said...

They should appoint guardiola as guest coach for the friendlies they will play at Camp Nou :)

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