Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cáceres to Juventus in 10 days

A report in Catalan sports paper Sport states that Barcelona central defender and Uruguayan international Martín Cáceres (22) could be on his way to Juventus.

Daniel Fonseca, agent of Cáceres, would have told Catalan radio station
RAC1 in an interview yesterday that Juventus is the only club his client would consider moving to. Fonseca would have also stated that he is 'optimistic' about the transfer and the two clubs will work out the details of the agreement in the next 10 days.

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omar said...

plzzz leave him with us he is sooo good but he had bad luck give him chance he is good defender dont lose him

R10FCB said...

loan or transfer? i sure hope its loan, he hasnt been given a chance at all and i believe he will become a good defender.

James said...


It was not specified. I believe it might a permanent move. If you read the last post about Caceres to Juventus or Roma a 12 million euro fee was being talked about.

Anonymous said...

no he will never be good enough with the ball at his feet to be barca, this is the right decision for both parties


Most likely a trade or transfer, i read recently how Juventus isn't interested in receiving or loaning of players. Thats too bad for Martin i think he has potential to be a good defender.

Random Juve Fan said...

not sure that this is going to happen. Juventus traditionally dont take players on loan and we have been heavily linked with Napoli's Santacroce. I personally dont want to see Caceres at Juventus unless its a permanent deal so Juve can loan him out somewhere (Siena). Probably not going to happen. FORZA JUVE!!! FORZA MELO!!!
ps congratulations on signing maxwell. He is ab very impressive left back

Anonymous said...

Lets give Caceres another year. Players like that need to build confidence and it grows over a while.

Don Luis said...

hope its loan......

sachin said...

if we sell him then it should be for atleast 10 mill this way we could add another 5 million and get a class act like chygrinskyiy for 15 mill... so we would basically be getting a LB(maxwell) and CB(chygrinskyiy) for 10 mill and the defence would be rock solid next year with pique, puyol, henrique, chygrinskyiy, abidal, maxwell, alves and by december even milito would be back and we could then play marquez in the DM position when yaya and keita go for the ACN so we would not need another midfielder if we can get chygrinskyiy... in that case all we would need is striker either villa (or) exchange eto plus 25-30 mill for ibra and all we will be spending this season is 45-50 million as we would also be getting 5 million from guddy sale...

transfer summary:
eto+25 mill = ibra
15 mill = chygrynskyiy
5 mill = maxwell
keirrison = 13 mill
henrique = back from loan

caceres = 10 mill
guddy=5 mill

Manolo said...

Please don't sell him!

He's young and telented!
why not send him on a loan ffs?

hawk_barca_4_life said...

its not just we payed for him 16m and seling him for 12m

he is young he will improve just needs time him if he doesnt make up in our 11 then also we can sell him nxt year for 10m coz even though he would not make for our 11 due to our standards but he can make it in other teams and eventually develop with experience

and wht abt the 1yr he trained with us shld we allow it to go for waste ..let him go for loan ..get his confidence back .learn and gain experience then decide abt selling him

rory said...

or sell him and sign filipe luis? that'd be ok by me.

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