Thursday, 16 July 2009

What to do to stay

by Xavier Muñoz
for El Mundo Deportivo

The day is coming nearer that someone leaves Barça and explains for once and for all what the hell this player has done for the club wanting to get rid of him each summer despite having scored a bunch of goals.

Until that happens, you have to imagine this player walking around in the Camp Nou with a flame thrower or something like that, because if it's just about being weird, being jealous, being selfish, being a prima donna, being a troublemaker, half of the star players of the top clubs would be jobless.

Seen from the outside, it's far more remarkable that other players can stay in the squad year after year while their only known achievement is to be so discrete that most of the time you don't notice them, even when they're out on the pitch.


el fuego said...

samuel, i thank you four five extra years. you score a lot of goals, but i think that this is the best time for you to leave.

this what samuel eto and his manager doing this summer is very bad for barca. barca must know what he want.

R10FCB said...

barcelona has been very unproffesional towards the eto'o case aswell though. they should of spoken to the player first instead of going to the press. eto'o now feels insulted. in a way what eto'o and his manager are doing to barca, barca kinda deserves it.

Anonymous said...

I R10FC i agree with you. I have been a Barcelona fan is 1992 and every year I wonder why we treat our star players in that manner. Eto deserves respect and Barca board doesn't want to acknowledge him. How can you send and offer to one of the best strikers in the world via text message. Next year Laporte should be kicked out and a new President elected who has respect for his players. In 2005 when Eto was at his prime Chelsea offered close to 50million he turned it down just for the sake of Barca and today he is been called names....I dont know what will become of Messi 5yrs from now. Hope he doesnt get thesame treatment. There is a common saying I will rather deal with the devil( Eto) I know than the angel ( Forlan/Villa) I dont know.

Anonymous said...

unfair statements. i dont know how things like these even get printed on paper. regardless of ppl thing he was as a person, samuel eto'o has served barca well and the same may be said of the team but it all boils down to whether the player went the extra mile to show his commitment and i dont think anyone can argue the fact that he did. question is was he even appreciated enough? i dont think so. rosell before couldnt even deign himslf to say an encouraging word or two. i imagined sami would go someday but not like this.


Anonymous said...

*regardless of how..


Milo said...

[hope noone thinks i'm racist]


Anonymous said...

1. Barca have had a really good offer to Eto'o.
2. Eto'o didn't respond to it.
3. So it's clear that the problem is on Eto'o's side.

Laporta is one of the best presidents of Barca. You can't blame on him. And we treat our stars very well, but we don't want to pay them high wages, because that's another club's philosophy.

SJP said...

etoo needs to go now, he shouldnt have let his agent come out and criticize the club, he could have left at his peak, now he has pitted himself against the club. laporta has offered him a deal, he cant complain, he has to sign or go.
one of the best strikers to play for us but a sad ending.

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