Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Barça B - Botia to Sporting Gijon on loan

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Sporting Gijon have all but wrapped up a loan deal for Barcelona Atlètic defender and Spanish U21 youth international Alberto Botia (20). Barcelona sports director Txiki Bergiristain is said to have given his approval for the deal and the final paperwork for the deal is being prepared.

The season long loan deal does not include a purchase option. The defender's contract is set to expire at the end of next season but would be renewed for 1 more season prior to being sent out on loan. The announcement of the deal may coincide with the arrival of Villarreal C midfielder and Spanish youth international Miguel Luque (18), who has reached an agreement to play with Barcelona Atlètic next season pending a successful medical.

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AJ said...

I love this deal! Awesome move for Botia IMO. Hope the new team can help with keeping track of his progress with Sporting, no? I actually think turning Sporting into our feeder club would be a good idea. Would help La Liga in general..

James said...

Since he'll be playing in Spain in the first division I think he'll be pretty easy to track. We'll certainly keep everyone up-to-date with his progress. As well as the official announcement of the loan move.

OLALEKAN said...

no problem since he would be playing in the first division in spain,but can he play against us since he is on loan?

tricampions said...

The first game of the league is against Sporting!!!lol. Goodluck.

sbah said...


Yes, as far as I know he can play against us.

Jonathan said...

I remember last season that Negredo wasn't allowed to participate in Almeria - Real Madrid because he was loaned out by Real Madrid.. Am I right?

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