Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Poor Villa!

by Pablo López
for Marca

When an employee thinks that his time at a firm has ended, that he has higher objectives and that he cannot fulfil them in his current environment, when he loses his trust in his bosses, when, in short, he's not comfortable at his working place, the firm needs to make it possible for him to leave.

I'm referring, my friends, to David Villa and Valencia, but this reasoning could be used for every football player when some conditions are met:

a) that he has given his best for the team, that he has been an irreproachable professional,
b) that he will leave a considerable amount of money in the coffers of his clubs,
c) that, in effect, it's a valued player and that there are big offers for him,
d) and that, like I said, he wants to take on a new professional challenge.

It's obvious that David Villa meets all of them. But there's even more. If we put ourselves in his place, we would end up having the irrefutable feeling that, while being one of the best strikers in the world whom almost every club would want to have in their team, he could again spend one more season at a team that doesn't seem to have a clear course.

This will hurt the valencianistas but their team is adrift. And I'm not only talking about the giant debts but also about the strong feeling of improvisation, lack of leadership, deceit, lies, of "no problem, we'll solve that tomorrow". Honestly, it's no surprise that David Villa is like crazy about wanting to leave.

It's true that he signed last year a contract renewal including the corresponding economic upgrade, but that doesn't mean a lot when you're on the brink of ruin. It doesn't matter if he goes to Madrid or Barça or Milan or United, but Spain's number 7 will do the impossible to go to another place.

Taking into account that he has said several times that he doesn't want to leave Spain and that Madrid has already signed Benzema instead of him, the only real option that Villa has on the table is Barça. By god, I hope it's a tempting one.

Villa cannot offer more to Valencia. He has already given them prestige and goals. Now it's the club's turn to give him the opportuity to leave. 40 millions is a reasonable price for someone who wants to leave. Valencia has the chance to show they're a gentlemen's club. Villa deserves it...


Anonymous said...

nice article. this coming from Marca who wouldnt mind if him come to Barca. its exactly the same position as Filipe, in the fact that their PRESIDENT is holding them for ransom. Everybody in their respective clubs has already accept if they would resign, only their president dont seem to care.

jazzy said...

if you guys want to know the crazy stuff that happened in Valencia, here it is:
just hope it will be over soon and Villa will come to Barca.

Anonymous said...

preseason is almost here and barca have not sign not even 1 player its killin me inside the way kerrison was 2 sign 2day wats happen with that and filipe deadline was not yesterday wats goin on. i bet any1 barca will not sign any player this season thanks 2 the board and we will end up with nothing this season trust me.

Blaugrana1 said...

I am no expert...But dont you guys think that Laporta is doing the same mistake Calderon did.

He is putting all efforts into villa and forgeting about the rest..If villa is a lost case MOVE on!!

This is gna b like ronaldo and Madrid last season!

Anonymous said...

Be up-to-date with happenings guys... Didn't you happen to read the report which says Laporta is looking into alternatives in case we aren't able to sign Villa?
When you say we might not sign any body this season one can understand your frustration but when you say we will end up with nothing you r gonna be facing some Catalan wrath my dear(remember Figo here :P)... Why don't you shut the fuck up and watch your tongue

Anonymous said...

if u is a true barca which u are i see well i am 1 to a die hard 1.all i have 2 say the truth hurts and look back in the past we could end up like madrid which i hate 2 say buyin 1 player or it could 06,07 repeating itself all over again bcoz this board is playing fucking cheat. u have 2 send 2 win we all kno dat.barca4life

Anonymous said...

We already got Keirrison and looks like Filipe is getting closer to the team day-by-day. Negotiations are surely undergoing for that transfer. Henrique will be joining. So there's no question of not buying players for next season. IMO in the current squad nobody is less than professional to play spoilsport for the next campaign. Also, there's world cup coming up next summer, so no one would even consider fucking up his chances to play for their national team by allowing complacency to creep into their game. And finally, coming to the most important factor, it's Pep Fucking Guardiola who is the in-charge of the team... Do you really think he would spare any one who is spoiling the dressing room mood? Heck he fined even the little Lionel. For being what? 2 minutes late to the training?
Cheer up dude... Have some faith in Pep Guardiola if not the board. To go by an example, a certain some one who is known by the same name... Hadn't he come back after there was some faith & affection shown by us even when having a very busy schedule for himself?

Xaviniesta said...

*sigh* its gonna be a long wait. pep wants only him if reports are to be believed. laporta as usual is just playing the media so we dont look like we're running out of alternatives. *sigh*


Oh well, maybe this winter or next summer. Barca should just give Eto'o the raise he deserves like i've been saying all along. He's helped us win 2 CL, Treble and scores a shit load of goals. Why can't we just keep him happy financially. He's given us what we wanted. Listen, all I'm saying is I've always believed if you prove your worth you will be rewarded. Maybe someone can make some sense out of this for me? Is he that cocky and bad of a guy to work with? Ronaldinho was probably way more difficult to deal with than Eto'o is now, and we decided to let Edgar Davids go because of him...I'm just a little upset I guess as to why we can't show some appreciation to Eto'o buy giving him a raise and some respect. I bet Ibra would be a huge drama queen on our squad and we wanted him?
I say bid for 1 or2 backup strikers like Aguero or Guiza....and now I know I'm probably gonna catch hell for saying this by some, but i read recently in a British newspaper recently that RM are trying to sell Ruud van Nistelrooy for something absurd i can't even remember. I'm just trying to say RVN is a badman on the pitch, and he will be healthy this season so, for a cheap price you would have to be out of your mind to pass on that. Besides guys, how great would that be to swipe up a RM player of that class who RM obviously could give a shit less about and see him perform well on our squad. Thats what its about IMO, after that spending spree. I know I'm a dreamer but sticking it to them in that manner would be a wonderful smack of reality across their faces after inflating the transfer market.

Barca should focus more on backup players in positions we need like LB, perhaps a LW and a backup midfielder. Our youth system is amazing and we should be giving them more of an opportunity rather than trying to compete and wave a bunch of cash around. Like i said a few weeks ago, we should have kept Sylvinho for this last but what do i know? I'm just a supporter in the up's and downs.


R10FCB said...

valencia are being very unprofessional about this. for the sake of both villa and barca i hope he moves in the end.


Its irornic how you said that about Valencia being that we're doing something so different its similar in a way. Eto'o has done everything he can humanly do for FCB yet we won't acknowledge his financial desires, and vision for a future at FCB. We are not setting to good of an example hard, win trophies, have good humility, be disciplined, and mesh well with the rest of the team....and then we'll offer you the same pay with a one year extension. Pretty Wack if you ask me, no wonder the guy can't be too motivated to stay.

Take care of our players before others, how much have FCB been paying Milito to be a bench warmer for over a year. Seriously give Eto'o a raise and forget Villa for now. We must keep our squad unified, satisfied and motivated. Yes, poor Villa but shame on FCB....

I say that with my utter most respect for my club...

hawk_barca_4_life said...

valencia is a team which has been in la liga fighting for liga not just championsleague football
dont think they will be willing to give there precious accet to the liga champions so they loose all there hopes getting the top spot

it now all depends upon villa himself how much he can push the board to sell him

i think we shld look for ather alternatives but dont know if there r ne ..... may be we would then have to look for other young prospects .. or go for a winger insted if etoo signs contract
but the major prob is time we dont have ne time left the preseon will be starting now
just srt signing players for other positons also which they want !!!!


It is funny how other clubs acknowledge Eto is the best striker in the world right now, yet we are looking for someone else

Anonymous said...

just ask pep guardiola why he doesnt value eto'o anymore. ;)

Anurag said...

@ANTI-MADRIDISTA - for other clubs, etoo is a brilliant target, but barca have seen how he is when he has his tantrums and suffers from lack of form. in that case, barca know there are better players (eg. villa) out there

hawk_barca_4_life said...

@ anuraj i belive it is not just abt form and misses every player has his days and offs

guardiola just want a technically superior striker and as said a striker is needed independent of whether etoo stays or goes

Anonymous said...

It's true... Eto'o has impressed one and all this season when he was in prime form. But we have seen all the matches, he can be frustrating too... poor first touch, missing sitters, being selfish (now i know some of you won't accept this, but he has been tad selfish this season. best example, take semi final vs chelsea first leg you wouldn't contradict me). There's another very important factor for the board wanting him out this season, he won't e available for like 2 months in 2010 that too when we just return from Christmas break(Pep won't forget the fact that we couldn't continue our first half form this season in january and faced some difficulties) and we return to champions league as well. Don't even consider risking the copa matches, we are after all record holders of owning it for 26 times :)

Josep "Pep" Guardiola i Sala - We are strikers who defend, we are defenders who attack, we are speed, we are strength, we are effort, we are precision, we are as one... We are Barça

Anonymous said...

Eto'o is the player valued by all clubs in the world beside Barcelona.
He was in the market last summer and this summer as well. Yet non of the teams who are crazy about him were/are welling to buy him.

1) either no club is actually crazy about him. So why blaming Barcelona.

2) Or his contract demands makes every team panic. Including Barcelona.

R10FCB said...

there is a rumour saying that because of the difficulties of the negotiations between valencia and barca for villa, barca might offer a bid for forlan. something along the lines of 25 mill + keirrison on loan.
I really hope thats not true and we do get villa.

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