Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Samuel Eto'o vacations in Miami

Samuel Eto'o appears to be in no hurry to sort out his future as he relaxes by the pool with his wife Georgette at Miami's Seaquarium. According to reports, he will be back at the Camp Nou on July 19 for pre-season training.

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Anonymous said...

I love the contrast in diets. Samu eating his greens and his wife chomping down on a healthy serving of french fries. Normally you'd expect it to be the other way around.

Ruslan said...

Gai got his Spanish Pasport!!!

Anonymous said...

good news.

maybe we will play next season :

gai bojan messi

xavi iniest

Abidal Pique Puyol ALves


8 home players :))

Etsp said...

So we'll have a front three averaging at 1,72m... I hope their skills can overcome the lack of air ability like last year!

BlueNClaret said...

Good. Rest, have fun and get ready for your another season, Samuel!

Keenan said...

damnnitttt!! I live in Miami and if I would've known he was here I would've tried to hunt him down lmao -.-

ochtane7 said...

OH great its back thank you.Some sanity finally.Enjoy your vacation Samu,I know you deserve it and see you next year.

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