Friday, 17 July 2009

Agent Vidic dismisses new transfer rumours

Asked about the new rumours linking Manchester United central defender and Serbian international Nemanja Vidic (27) again with several European top clubs, among which Barcelona, after the defender pulled out of Manchester United's Malaysia tour, one of the player's agent Paulo Fabbri reconfirmed in an interview with British sports site Sport that the Serbian will not leave this summer:

"Yesterday my colleague Silvano spoke to the player and he did not say anything. No no no, he won't be leaving United. Not at all. Absolutely not at all. There is absolutely no transfer for Vidic. We do not expect any transfer for the time being. No he will stay for sure."

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Random Juve Fan said...

just a random question...i thought people from Serbia were called Serbs. Is Serbian the correct term? excuse my ignorance

groga said...

Both are correct, I think.

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