Saturday, 18 July 2009

Barcelona plans to sell the Miniestadi

Catalan newspaper El Periódico claimed earlier this week that Barcelona has reached an agreement with the municpal goverment of Barcelona for the re-qualification of some pieces of land belonging to the club.

Barcelona would want to sell the land, including the Miniestadi, to get funds for the remodelling of Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium.

Although Jordi Hereu, the mayor of Barcelona, would have given his approval to the plan, the other party in the left-wing coalition that governs the city of Barcelona is opposed to the re-qualification, which will force the mayor to look for support with the main opposition party. The people living in the neighbourhood are also opposed to the plans and are expected to undertake legal actions.

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Anonymous said...

Is the ibra deal official yet cause i saw in newspaper and i dont now if it's true..

Anonymous said...

Where did you see it?

jordy said...

I think it would be a bad thing to sell the mini. I find it quiet unique the nou camp and a mini version. the remodeling of nou camp is necessary but it's such a pity if the mini is used for that.

Anonymous said...

I saw in a belgian newspaper that it was ibra for eto+45m+hleb

Dan R said...

There is no use for the Miniestadi since the new Barca training complex contains all that is needed for all the Barcelona teams from youth to first team. Now it is not needed and we need funds for the new Camp Nou... so i think it's good for us.

B. Beltrocco said...

I prefer them to sell it because now there will be liek 6,000 more people that fit in the Camp Nou which brings much more fans per game C'mon Barca sel the Miniestadi it for our own good which would help us raise our poor budget at this moment

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