Thursday, 16 July 2009

Atletico president repeats Forlan not for sale

Asked about the rumours linking with a move to Barcelona (read more here), the player's father Pablo Forlán has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Com Ràdio that he hopes a transfer will be posible:

"Third time lucky, they say. Barcelona already tried to sign him when he was playing at Manchester United and a second time a few years later, when he was at Villarreal. And now, it seems that they're again interested. I believe it could now finally become concrete.

He's very happy at Atlético because they've treated him marvellously, but every player in the world is without any doubt interested in playing for a great club like Barcelona. We cannot lie about that."

Atlético Madrid president Enrique Cerezo meanwhile repeated in an interview with Catalan radio station Ona FM that Forlán is not for sale: "I'm not worried about them paying the buyout clause. Everybody knows what our position is. We've already said that we don't want tot sell. No use to talk about it again. Laporta didn't talk to me about this. For me everything is clear. He's not for sale and that's it. It's a waste of time bringing this up."

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P D said...

I am glad to hear that he is not for sale. No offence to the player he is good but we need someone else. maybe villa. No point paying the buyout clause for a 30 year old player.

what about the Brazilian kid who was supposed to join us? Is there any news on that front?

And as every follower of this wonderful blog i am happy that you guys are back... Great work guys.. Keep up this good work...

pep said...

Keirrison is still "lost in ownership"...

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

What does that mean Pep?
I thought he was supposed to have signed for us already?
That he didn't sign yet would be fine with me but there have been no news about him lately. It's like Barca never heard of Keirrson. Do you know more details on that? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That is great . We don't need him anyway . Just sign Villa and get it over with !!

MiDO H. said...

we dont need him anyway
Keirrison will take on the 'Number 9' position after the next season .

Messi108 said...

2nd Best news of the day for me . We don't need him anyway . Just sign Villa and get it over with !!

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