Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Gai one step away from Spanish passport

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona Atlètic wing attacker and Israel youth international Gai Assulin (18) will get his Spanish passport soon.

The formal procedure would have been finalized and the only step left would now be for Gai to swear allegiance to the Spanish constitution.

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MiDO H. said...

looks like we're not gonna sign any left wingers.. so he might be our best choice for the left wing + iniesta rotating from midfield and LW

jordy said...

nice, i would sign a left winger but I think gai will have some minutes pedro last year

skanjos said...

he seems our best transfer this year hahahaha.

akd said...

i read this on one of the blog, that israilian press is reported to claim that he has already got a passport and he is expected to travel with the team to england

Xaviniesta said...

a bit of good news at last! aside from the blog being revived of crs.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I really like Gai. I think he will be a star and deserves his chance. He really can become another great Barca player through the academy.

OLALEKAN said...

yes nice news.cant wait to see gai in the pre season.

Marc4barca said...

he's going to take quite sometime to get accustomed to top level football, we might still sign a left winger if gaurdiola feels gai and henry aren't enough. i feel gai should play back up to iniesta in that midfield role he seems much more suited for that role.

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