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Pique: "If you need to prank, then you must prank"

Barcelona placer Gerard Piqué gave an interview to Spanish sports weekly paper Don Balón.

Have the newly arrived players, like you for example, had a postive influence on the atmosphere?
Everybody puts in their bit. It's good that everyone tries to get along and form a part of the team because it's impossible if someone doesn't want to. The new players have shown good motivation, and every new player has helped towards the optimistic atmosphere. And you see that on the pitch.

Everybody puts in their bit, but for Henry, you are a pain in the neck... (read more here)
I owe him... You know why? "Titi" always arrives half-asleep and when I hit him to wake him up he gets mad. He tells me, "enough!"

There are few like you. You wouldn't waste any jokes on Guardiola, right?
If you need to prank then you must prank... But it's true that we have lots of respect for the coach. The jokes are more between the players. We leave the technical staff alone. For now.

Is Guardiola intimidating when you're right by him?
No, he's very human. He likes the relationship between people, he'll talk every day with you, tell you what he's thinking, and he gives advice... His methods are very direct and the players feel more involved.

Piqué tells us later that Pep took him apart that day to comment on the "superb" performance of Liverpool central defener Carragher at the Bernabéu.

And Eto'o, how is he in the dressing room, considering that you've only seen this year's version?
Well, he has a strong character, even though everyone already knows that. Nobody should forget that he can react in different ways. That's how he is and the squad accepts him that way.

So residing with him is good?
His character affects us positively. Many times the team reacts well to an unpleasant result thanks to him. We know how he is, some of us are more relaxed and have our own faults, but we're pleased with him.

Did it bother you when he said that Barcelona is like a job to him?
People forget that in the long run, a footballer is a worker. And Barcelona is a company. It's cold but that's how it is. It's another thing to have bled Barcelona for an entire life, being a culé since young and feeling that Barca is more than a club, like I feel. But you can't change the way that Samuel feels about being a part of Barca. As long as he's doing his job, we don't need to start any debates.

How did you react to the betrayal of Figo, based on this reasoning?
It was a painful episode. As a supporter I'll tell you that when you give so much to a player and then you see that he doesn't react nor return all the love that you've given, it's really hard. Then when you become a professional you begin to understand. Figo decided to go to the competition, which is Real Madrid.

Do you know who "Quini" (former Barcelona player 1980-1984) is?
Yes, of course.

Is it bad that Bojan didn't know this?
I'm surprised that he didn't know but I also don't know the level of Barcelonism of Bojan. But it's nothing to fuss about.

You were the last player to debut with the Spanish national team. How was the first contact with Vicente Del Bosque?
He seemed like a sensible person and is very noble. He left me with a good vibe. It was also a dream debut, defeating England 2-0, playing the 90 minutes. I didn't expect it, to be honest.

The Barcelona squad sung "Spanish Pique". Do the jokes carry on in the Spain team?
No. I guess that being new saved me but in those two days there the relationship was great and I connected well with everyone.

Do you speak Catalan within that dressing room?
Yes, of course. I'm used to doing it when I speak to Xavi or Puyol. If there's more players we speak in Castillian so everyone can understand.

Do you feel like a leader of anti-Espanyolism? The "pericos" are so far down the table...
I don't like that etiquette. There's rivalry but I simply defend the interests of my own team. If they get relegated to the Segunda it's their problem and they'll find their motives. But saying that I heatened thing up before the derby... It was all a little exaggerated it.

You're not an anti-Espanyolist?
No, and I want it to be clear. Someone that's "anti" is jealous and angry at something and to Espanyol I wish neither good nor bad. I don't care. I have friends at Espanyol, such as Sergio Sanchez and Torrejon. To them I wish the best personally, but as a club, I've never bothered about Espanyol.

Translated by: Al

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Anonymous said...

I wish the Spanish media would quit trying to unsettle Samuel. Their constant reminders of Samuel of last season are a bit much at the moment.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more right,BarcaTiger.Media should let players do their job in peace.

Fred_FCB said...

I realy like this interview. Pique seems like the prankster, the joker. But the more I see/hear of him, I realise he is a solid guy. Seems down to earth and passionate.

Glad we have him back

Anonymous said...

Video of The Day:

FCBFan said...

"We leave the techincal staff alone .... For now"

Lmao !

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