Friday, 17 April 2009

Barcelona ready with transfer summer preparation

Asked about some players - among which Ribéry - being linked with Barcelona, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that he doesn't want to speak about the issue at this moment but suggested that Barcelona is ready to act quickly when the season ends:

"To talk about possible signings at this stage of the season, when we are still competing for everything, could well lead to destabilising some clubs involved. That's why we don't do that. When a season begins, the sticker book is complete and what you then have to do is start planning for the next season. That's the job of Txiki Begiristain and he has almost finished the planning for next season."

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Anonymous said...

RAIDALL SAID.. you are right laporta but i hope you'll use your brains maybe we can help you:
GK: frey/kameni/asenjo
LB: zhirkov because he is a LB and a LM
LW: only if henry wants to leave we must go for ribery or silva
CF: eto'o must leave because he has done a lot for barca and we can get a lot of money for him at the moment. i see zlatan as the best replacement for him. zlatan works hard when it must. or david villa.

raidall said...

let's treat henry good because he did a lot for us this season let us not be like the shitty real madrid.

ej said...
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ej said...

Hi All , Hier is my Dream Barca Team next Season .

this wont cost us a lt and is really very strong formation :


--Iniesta--- Xavi--------


Henry (for tevez / Ribery)
Gai few matches (can he play as Playmaker?)
Kaita (DM)
Milito (IV) to sell him will be stupid we wont get enough for him
Caceres (IV)
Abidal (LV , DM)

out : Hleb , Sylvinho , etoo , gudi , bojan (only for loan)

in: Ribery , tevez , zhirkov

So we wil spend money for the three of them but we also sell etoo for much and Hleb will help getting ibery cheaper

we will spend money but i guess with this team no galacticos can stand against us .

I know some think that we wont be able to sign Tevez , but he isnt happy at MU and if he want to leave we may get him cheaper as we think .

but if we couldnt get villa !!

we need to be careful RM may get Kaka benezma and CR7 next season and we dont want to make it easy for them .

will be nice to kick galacticos ass again like with dinho :))

ej said...

and if zhirkov will cost a ot get a cheap young player and let abidal be our man !!!

so we ony need to get ribery and tevez/Villa and we sel etoo and hleb and gudi this will limmit the costs .

i forgot marquez bythe way he can rest puyol/Pique

Amar said...

why tevez? he is half as good as eto'o or villa.he only runs like a mad dog. tevez is not barca material.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I see absolutely no reason for Henry or Eto'o to leave and so far all the arguments have been weak. The only addition we need to make to the forwardline is Ribery and he should interchange with Henry. Kun is another option for the future like Cesc but we should promote Gai and Bojan. Allot will to depend on what and if we win this season. This Barca team has balance "we should not change things if they don't need to be fixed." Common sense should prevail. The trident is working excellent and the facts speak for themselves. Just add Ribery and you will make it that little bit better. End of story lol

messiiiiiiiiii said...

i agree with aussie. keep eto'o and henry. pick up ribery. he can interchange with henry, but also with iniesta at left mid. henry could also be shifted to striker for some games and play ribery at wing. ribery is so versatile he would give us lots of options, especially if there are injuries. problem is that i'd never want to see ribery, henry, or iniesta on the bench. i don't want henry to leave but i also want ribery on the squad. seeing him in our shirt after the game in munich was kind of great!

jordy said...

Tevez really isn't barça material!! let him go to madrid :)
I also like ribery a lot. Maybe we can loan out bojan if ribery comes. So he can get regular first team footbal. sell hleb and give pedro, gai some minutes.
In the midfield we could sell guddy. There's no need to replace him. if we got henry/ribery for the left wing. iniesta will only play in the midfield. and we still got keita (i like him), busquets as subs..

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