Monday, 13 April 2009

The Points: Recreativo

Valdés 5,5__7__8__6__6

Alves 7__7__7,5__8__7,5

Márquez 6__5,5__6,5__3__6
Cáceres 6__5__7__6__6
Sylvinho 6__5,5__6,5__7__7

Gudjohnsen 5__5__6__4__6
Busquets 6__5__7__2__7
Iniesta 8__7,5__9__9__8,5

Messi 5__4__6__4__6,5
Bojan 6__5,5__6,5__6__6,5
Henry 6__6__7__7__7,5

Xavi 6__5__*__7__7
Keita 5__5__*__5__6,5
Hleb 5__5__*__3__6


If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know. See previous points


Burgos said...

what shitty points.

Sure Messi wasn't at his best, but wtf, no way was he our worst player, he hade some really nice passes and helped the players around him.

M4V3R1K said...

I too agree with Burgos. Messi had a bad game that doesnt make him the worst man on the pitch. Sure he missed the penalty but look at the number of chances he created.

Iniesta : What a performance! We heard about a team dominating the opposition but here is a man who single handedly dominated the entire match. It was like he was playing Fifa 09 out there :)

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