Sunday, 12 April 2009

Suspended Marquez not in Bayern list

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola announced earlier today a list of 19 players for the return game of the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Bayern Munich Tuesday evening at 8:45 pm.

The list:
Valdés, Pinto,
Alves, Puyol, Piqué, Cáceres, Abidal, Sylvinho,
Xavi, Touré, Busquets, Keita, Gudjohnsen, Iniesta,
Messi, Eto'o, Bojan, Henry, Hleb

Márquez is suspended due to three yellow cards. Jorquera, Víctor Sánchez and Pedro are not included in the list. Milito is still recovering from his injury. One player will have to fall off before the game. Barcelona Atlètic players Gai, Thiago, Córcoles, Botía, Xavi Torres, Solano and Rayo meanwhile trained with the first team today.

At 10:00 am the team leaves the Camp Nou for the trip to Munich, where they are scheduled to arrive at 1:15 pm. At 7 pm on Monday the group will train in the stadium of Bayern Munich.


Segonpal said...

Potser us pot interessar el meu bloc.

Disculpeu i Visca el Barça!

skanjos said...

has the yellow card for messi been revoked ?or we will have to wait till tuesday to know?

Bogman said...

The decision has been made: no pardon for Messi or Guardiola. My feeling is that uefa got pissed of on Pep's behavior, it was a bit over the line considering the circumstances, and that Barca would have been better of just to appeal on Messis yellow card.

M4V3R1K said...

The decision can be appealed again. I think Guardiola's suspension is justified but how can one justify the yellow card for Messi, I think that decision should be revoked, otherwise there is always a risk with Messi's yellow card.

Anonymous said...

Messi only has one yellow card and he needs three to be suspended. There is no danger for the second semifinal if he doesn't get a yellow in Munich. And more importantly, he CAN'T miss the final because that kind of suspension doesn't count for the big match in Rome (a red card would obviously count).

barcaaaaa said...

there is no way Messi card can be revoked.. it's in the rules of uefa.. obviously this is not the case of miss identity but a case of bad referring..

Etsp said...

The title of this article makes me laugh every time.

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