Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Barcelona arrived in Munich

Barcelona arrived yesterday at Munich airport at 1 pm after a two-hour flight. The team will stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. After the press conference of Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola and Barcelona player Lionel Messi, the team trained at the Allianz Arena at 7 pm.

This morning at 11 am, the players went for a walk in the Englischer Garten public park. Thierry Henry's condition has improved and he took part in the walk, although he's still uncertain for the game. The players had a lunch at 1:45 pm and have now the afternoon off until the preparatory talk and the ride to the stadium where the match is planned to start at 20:45 pm.


Arab_Barca said...

Viva Blaugranaazz ! May Almighty God help you again & again in winning this game and the next and the next too, to clinch all the three cups !! Inshaallaah as we say in Arabic !

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think they can do it without the help of a god. It wouldn't be fairplay anymore if one side would have the support of an almighty god, right? What have the Bayern done wrong?

Yeah, and HOW would this god help them? Like, control the ball, make it fly into the goal without anyone touching it?

So what I hope is that they have trained well today and that Guardiola has them ready by the evening.

azrailyaz said...

@Anonymous ,

Everything is because of God, how can you live if not because of Him? So do the barca player.. I hope we win..

Anonymous said...

Please stop this nonsense about "god". There are only two gods. Messi, and me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, funny, there's another anonymous with the same attitude.

But a serious question: if this god helps our team, what has the other team done wrong? Why would this god make them lose? That's totally unfair!

Oh, and answering your rhetorical question: I can live without good very well. I'm really happy without any "god" telling me how to run my life.

Please, let football just be football. It unites people from all religions and the atheists. There's no need for any gods on the pitch; the better team wins, the fans of one team can celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Someone is trying to show being smart, open minded, and superior.


noubarca said...

Its a delicate matter. I think irts best we leave it. I am a Christian.. but I cant force my belief on others. Lets disucss football. and If some people like me beleive in God and some dont, we would never reach a compromise.. so lets not eeven start it.

Jacob said...

o mi dios! .....SHUT UP!

This is a Barelona Blog!

How about you cut yourself and tell me what color your blood is??!?!


Sticking with the topic Pep worked so hard to present for us...


-someone got caught wearing a Deco shirt (haha) Comon - if your gonna welcome the best team in Europe..at least give credit to one of our other 22 players....

"Pep Guardiola will reportedly be under the closest of scrutiny at the Allianz Arena as his Barcelona side aim to finish off Bayern and book a Champions League semi-final spot. He coach was sent off during the Camp Nou first leg and UEFA don't seem to trust him..."

WOW! but Mourinho can do anything! (shakes head)

Anonymous said...


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