Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Youth: Jean Carlos Chera (Santos)

Brazilian sports site UOL Esporte reports that Barcelona is interested in Santos youth player Jean Carlos Chera (13) and has contacted the player’s family.

Asked about the rumours linking the midfielder to several European top clubs, the player’s father Celso Chera confirmed to the site that Barcelona is among the interested clubs but that there’s no intention to leave the Brazilian club soon:

“We have already received dozens of offers from other clubs. Manchester United, Barcelona, AC Milan, Sevilla? Yes, among others. And you know that local clubs cannot compete with the foreign market.

But there is a mutual respect with Santos. There’s no penalty clause like has been said but our word is worth more than anything else. The dream of Jean is to become a professional player at Santos and that’s why he now has a contract until 2011. He dreams about playing the World Cup in 2014 together with Neymar (another Santos youth player), while being a Santos player. So he doesn’t want to leave the club.”

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Watch a video of Chera here:


KluivertsBoots said...

Chera is actually 9 in that video (not 12 as it says, video is from 2004).

He is a prodigy. His videos remind me of watching a young Messi or Robinho.

jazzy said...

yeah he was the hype around 2006..
i remembered watching this video back then.
and the transfer rumor from MU.
but he's still at santos and will likely stay there until he is mature enough.
a prodigy, at 9 he was playing w/ boys bigger and 3-5 years older than him.
his left foot is insane..

Anonymous said...

if his good enough for the big game we should sign him.
but i think he wont go in the near future. so we should sign him when his ready, and by then he will be the player to sign by all clubs. its gonna be a competition.
he maybe the next worldclass attacking midfield/winger/striker, the ballon d'ors, after ronaldo, rivaldo, ronaldinho, messi, then him.
in 8 years he will be 21 and messi 30. so i hope we can buy him for the long term.
hope he does well in football, he has a bright future.

SimonP said...

It should be against the law to sign players that still are KIDS. Nuff said.

jazzy said...

thats right simonp.
thats why we dont sign him now. but maybe in the future when he is mature enough around 21-25.
but then again..clubs do sign a lot of players when they are still kids.. like MU and arsenal does it. they hijack a lot of young players from other clubs. (cesc..)
then we do it also, not everybody in la masia is originaly from our youth system. messi, and i think iniesta, and others in the youth system, we bought them when they were kids.
brazilian law I think prevent this, and we can only sign a player from brazil when he is 18. learn that from playing FM.. :p

ElDuroDeFCB said...

SimonP; I agree with u m8. Players at that age shouldnt be bought they should want 2 play for at teams youth sistem without a contract...

Anonymous said...

they do have contract btw..
jean carlos chera is in contract w/ santos until 2011..

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising that Barca would be interested in this kid... He will be 14 this year, I am still looking to see if he will be showcasing his talent at the South American u-17 tournament... He played in a cup in Brazil a few months back and led his team to the championship... He's playing up an age division as well... I think he will be the real deal and staying in Brazil right now is the best thing for him...

Jro said...

He's a great natural ability. I think the next few years will be crucial to see how he develops physically and mentally - 14 - 17 are very telling and important years for young footballers. It's probably best he's staying at Santos and out of the lime light a little so he can fully concentrate on soccer alone. Is he the next Ponga Boy? I don't no if Santos will release him to do a movie but he'd been spectacular.

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