Sunday, 12 April 2009

Manchester City preparing bid for Iniesta

British tabloid News of the World claims that Manchester City is preparing a bid for Barcelona attacker and Spanish international Andrés Iniesta (24).

The English Premier League club would still be desperate to attract a star player to play alongside Robinho and help increase their profile around the world. And although Iniesta is believed to be untouchable, Manchester City would try to sign the Spanish player this summer. The club is likely to open with a bid of around 40 million euro°.

Iniesta has a contract with Barcelona until 2014, including a buyout clause of 150 million euro. Barcelona players Yaya Touré (25) and Thierry Henry (31) would also remain on the list of Manchester City targets for the summer transfer window (read more here).

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pep said...

40 million euro =

50 million us dollar
35 million british pound

Anonymous said...

no way !!!! iniesta is maybe our most important player, he will stay with us for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

this blog should start joke of the day section

blues said...

its from a brittish tabloid.. of course its a
put a bold there on the word DESPERATE for manc. city.

fcbee said...

Well, they can try.

And we can refuse...

If I would ahve the money, I would also focus on Barcelona players. Iniesta is of course untouchable but I wonder what would happen if they for example offer 30 million for Yaya or Henry. I guess that could be very tempting.

BA said...

this is the Daily Mail, which has about a 4 1/2% accuracy of reporting rate, but if it IS true it only adds to the idea that Manchester City have no idea what they are doing. rather than trying to coax away with vast sums of money players who are totally devoted to their clubs (and vice versa), they should be snapping up fresh young talent and taking the most talented mercenary players.

instead they are going after players they have no chance of signing (see: Kaka, Messi (lol), Iniesta, even C. Ronaldo) and making themselves look like amateurs in the process, while their team stays half-assed and under-performing.

R10FCB said...

Man city have a better chance signing God than Iniesta.
city are starting to piss me off, with all these plans trying to get every teams star players, well city arnt a star team and chances are they wont even play in europe next year so jokes on them.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Lol. Man City have also tried to sign Kaka, CR7, Drogba, Terry, Eto'o, Iker, Tezes, Lass Diarra and any other decent player. And who have they had to settle for?? Robinho aside I would hardly call other players they have signed 'World Class'. Citeh need to be realistic. First avoid relegation. Then get a manager who actually has some tactical nous, and then buy players that actually want to play for the club!

Marc said...

hmm...60 million and we can talk

Anonymous said...

"British tabloid News of the World..." and that's where I stopped reading

Anonymous said...

NO, barca would NOT sell for 60m. He is worth more than that to Barca considering- tehcnical ability(so good you cant teach), age, experience/mentality/footballing mind(also cant teach), commitment & consistency(cant teach), pace(cant teach), fit to barcas style, passes unselfishly... You get the point, Iniesta is a gem which fits Barca and is not replacable. He has so many intangible qualities that simply cannot be taught(unless from a young age).
To put a figure on it, for discussions sake, probably a bit below the buy out clause of 150m.

westinho said...

Marc "Hmm...60 million and we can talk"

And what would you do with thouse 60 mil? Buy another player? Who? There's no one out there better than our own Iniesta, so wtf u talkin bout "60 mil and we can talk"? It's not like YOU get the money anyway.

Show some heart for our players.

Subhashis said...

Marc "Hmm...60 million and we can talk"

My reply..60000000000000000000000 million and I still tear the check apart and throw in your face.

Andres Iniesta is arguably the best ball-holding creative attacking mid-fielder in world, and he is our asset. I won't sell him even exchange of my life.

Rightly said here, Man City first need to secure at least play in Europe. Lingering in mid-table with Mark Hughes as manager will attract no-one. More-over , big players just dont go and play in a club which does not have history, glory, fan base, support.

Compare the campnou roar to the city of manchester the passion.will get the answer.Money really cannot buy everything.

specially why these players, who are well settled in their clubs away from england, would go to an unknown environment just for some money knowing well that they wont have glory and fame and success in fore-seeable future?

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