Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Points: Bayern Munich

Valdés 6__6__7,5__6__7__6

Alves 7__6,5__7,5__5,5__7__6,5
Piqué 6__4,5__8__6__9__7,5
Puyol 6__6,5__6__5,5__5__5,5
Abidal 6__6__7,5__6__8__6

Xavi 7__6,5__8,5__6,5__10__7,5
Touré 6__6__8__5,5__9__6
Keita 7__7,5__7,5__6__7__7

Messi 6__7__7,5__5,5__7__6,5
Eto'o 7__6,5__5__5,5__6__5,5
Iniesta 7__7__8__5,5__9__8

Hleb *__6__6__*__4__6


If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know. See previous points here.


KEMPE cy said...

pique was briliant 4.5??? WTF??????????????

Marc said...

Yeah, Gerard Piqué was briliant!

Goal give sometimes shitty points...

sashi said...

why is there soo much variation in the points from different sites??? Pique was gr8 in our game and gets a 9 from offside while he gets a 4.5(wtf) from goal...
wats wrong wit these ppl? do they use a random number generator code to calculate the points for the players??? :)

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