Friday, 17 April 2009

Barça Classic: Newcastle-Barcelona (march 2003)

Newcastle 0 - Barcelona 2
(Kluivert, Motta)


hamad_ali said...

you've finally found it barca4life
keep up the good work
the boss got u addicted to youtube
you should ask for a promotion XD .

barca4life said...

Lol. Yeah i found some a couple weeks ago. I should discuss a raise :). Pep I demand that you double my salary :)

avvo said...

Barcelona (5-3-2): Valdes; Gabri, Andersson, Motta, De Boer, Reiziger; Rochemback, Xavi (Gerard, h-t), Mendieta (Iniesta, 67); Riquelme; Kluivert (Sergio, 70). _________

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