Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Song of the day: Boig per tu

In the built-up to last week's home game against Bayern Munich, ten minutes before the start of the match, Barça unveiled a new chant: "Barça, estic boig per tu".

The song uses the melody of the Catalan hit "Boig Per Tu" by nineties pop rock band Sau, while changing the lyrics and putting them into a 'Barça context'. The new version is performed by new Catalan band Red-In and is planned to be played before every Barcelona game at the Camp Nou.

Barça, I am crazy for you

On the humid ground I write
Barça I am crazy for you,
I spend my days
Awaiting the match.

How much I miss you,
Be I near or far,
Happy and finished
I am crazy for you.

I know very well that from this place
I can’t score any goals for you,
But in each action I see
Your light reflected.
I will cheer you on,
Happy and finished
I am crazy for you.

When this match starts,
The tears will be lost
Among the magic
We will live here.

I will be trapped
Drunk with this light
Happy and finished
I am crazy for you

Culé and Catalan,
More than a club.


Vj said...

Barça, estic boig per tu!!

kamikaze kontiki said...

I am not sure I like it. Couldn't we have come up with something better.

barcaaaaa said...

I think it's a little boring.. Maybe this is mostly pep idea.. It sound like Pep's song of choice..

FC BARCA said...

I like El Cant Del Barça much better

Barcik said...

How about Ja som campions by Jorsh? I really like that song. Brings back good memories of Paris 2006.
The las song in this compilation.

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