Thursday, 16 April 2009

Poll result - Man of the match: Bayern Munich

This is the final result of this blog's Bayern Munich-Barcelona: who was our man of the match? poll:

1. Iniesta 22%
2. Keita 16%
3. The whole team 15%

see full results here
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jazzy said...

hey guys, look at this..

pique got a 4.5?? he was better than puyol that night.. even kevin from theoffside gave him a 9 and puyol 5..
he was so good, closing down and tackling bayern..
damnn.. is such a let down..

jazzy said...

wtf again..
an article again about ribery..

heres from that:
"As a side-note, I would strongly recommend that Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola does not play Gerard Pique against Chelsea in the semi-final. The centre back was horrible tonight, playing Ribery onside for the goal, dragging down Toni in what should have been a penalty, and being positionally all over the place. If Pique plays, the chances of Chelsea upsetting Barca will certainly increase."

damn i only just know about from this blog.. now i think i wouldnt ever go there again..
i would prefer pique over marquez nowadays.. are crazy.. LOL

SJP said...

i agree jazzy, about pique anyway as i don't visit very often, he should be starter of most matches now, although i've never been marquez biggest fan so probably being slightly unfair, but pique is already twice the player he was when he joined. i hate man u but thanks to them for throwing money about and buying ferdinand, so he could teach pique, now he can learn from puyol, then be puyol long term replacement.

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