Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Poll - Man of the match: Bayern Munich


pep said...

You can vote until Thursday 12 pm. Multiple votes are not counted.

Criff said...

Can i vote on Ribery? :P

Serioussly i dont think anyone stood out in our team.

The only one that stood out was Ribery.

Dan R said...

hehe i liked how "Guardiola" became "Coaches" :D

pep said...

It's all about the details... ;)

KEMPE cy said...

i thing that PIQUE was the only one with no mistakes!!
keita was faceless all the game..
iniesta ok but..
xavi nothing special..
ture a lot of lost balls..
the whole team?? come on!!
coaches?? 2 unused players!!
messi whanted but was tired..
no one is not an option for me..

Jacob said...


.....but seriously i agree with Criff about Ribery

Messi108 said...

Hands Down !
Ribery was the MOM.

I really hope we sign this guy.
He beat Alves on almost every occasion.
Imagine what he can achieve with midfield supprt from iniesta and Xavi :O

djoef said...

We allowed Ribery to be the man of the match, don't forget that. We played with the brake on. Last week we didn't saw him.

V-Lo said...

Ribery was fantastic yesterday, he carried the team on his shoulders, and was the brightest spark on the pitch, did Barca play in a slower gear? yes, but whilst Messi is great, Ribery with the support of a Barca midfield, isnt far behind. I hope he signs.

rObReV7 said...

Ive voted Alves for being involved in nearly everything barca did (apart from the goal xD). Always in the action. But Ribery was good last night. However he only scored one goal, not the six they needed and there were glimpses of his talent, but it wasn't a brilliant performance from him. Although he definatley was the most exciting on the field! He would be better at Barca!

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