Sunday, 28 December 2008

Barcelona to play in LA, Seattle and Miami

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona will most probably prepare the 2009-2010 season for the third consecutive time by starting the pre-season in Scotland.

Like in 2003, 2006 and 2008, the team will then travel to the United States (read more
here). In 2004, 2005 and 2007, Barcelona went on tour in Asia.

Asia was again an option, but because of the possible participation of a Barcelona franchise in the MLS, Barcelona would return to the United States next August.

While in the past years, Barcelona played games in Boston, Washington and Philadelpia (2003), in Los Angeles, Houston and New York (2006) and in Chicago and New York (2008), Barcelona would play in 2009 friendly games in Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami.

Read more:
Barcelona plans new US tour in 2009


Ramzi said...

Scotland trip proved being the best options for preseason preparations, the weather at that period of the year is nice, and the games arranged there are against respectful, strong clubs.

The USA trip is pure financial, it even has more disadvantages than advantages on sports level.

But marketing is a must so...

I just remembered how the club was before this new generation of directors handling the club, and now the club brand and popularity is invading the whole world, and as an old fan, I appreciate the effort done.

Any signs about Barcelona USA?

pep said...

Decision on the new MLS franchises early 2009.

Anonymous said...

Miami MLS 2010

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