Friday, 3 April 2009

Poll result: Next season's left winger

This is the final result of the blog's Who's your favourite left winger for next season? poll:

48% franck ribery
23% david silva
16% thierry henry
6% andres iniesta
4% someone else
3% robin van persie

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Anonymous said...

I think there's a player that people have forgotten.....
I'm talking about Diego Capel. If we got him we would have like a second messi, just on the left. The guy is both younger and better than any of the other suggested.

SJP said...

i voted for ribery as he is the one i would like most,though i think it would be a silly figure we'd have to pay to get him. pep should ask henry if he thinks he's capable of maintaining his form of this season, if so then keep titi, use money, buy aguero

Etsp said...

Yeah, Diego Capel would be awesome if he could adapt to Barca! Also, he's way cheaper than any of the others suggested.

westinho said...

The thing is that Diego Capel is highly overrated. Yes, he's quick with the ball. BUT he's far too selfish. He wouldn't fit in to our way of playing.

It's not a coincidence he started on the bench for the u21 team against sweden some days ago. I mean, if he doesn't even have a place in the starting eleven for the u21 team, how could he be in the starting eleven for Barca?

Give me a break...

westinho said...

Oh and no offense Anony, but "The guy is both younger and better than any of the other suggested."

Are you serious? Jeffren and Pedro are imo better than Capel, and you think Capel is better than one of the best players in the world (Ribery)? Damn..

skanjos said...

also capel is pure madridista.

i want robinho :)

denari said...

Give me David Silva. That would be awesome.

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