Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Agent Valdes putting pressure on renewal talks

Over the last week, Ginés Carvajal, the new agent of Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (27), has given several interviews about the renewal of the Catalan goalkeeper whose contract expires in 2010 (read more here).

Catalan radio station RAC 1:
"We're waiting for the club to contact us. Víctor has another one and a half year left on his contract and the club should make a decision, it’s not up to us. Everyone knows how to negotiate. Eight months ago there were negotiations with board memebers and although I wasn't the agent of Valdés at that time, there didn't seem to be problems. But since then the issues hasn't been discussed.

It's not true that we're thinking about asking the same salary as Casillas is getting at Madrid. And that has nothing to do with the fact that there aren't contact for now. Víctor is very calm and we're not affected by what other players are doing. Both Víctor and I are thinking about Barça. Valdés is an extraordinary goalkeeper who's capable of playing at a big club like Barça. And I know that there are four or five other big clubs that are looking for a goalkeeper."

Madrid sports tabloid As:
"There's a lot of time and a lot of things to decide left, but we wish that the club officials invite us to come and sit around the table to discuss a possible contract upgrade. The player is very calm about the issue and focused on the excellent season he and his team-mates are having. The last thing we want is to stir things up. Víctor only thinks about winning the most trophies possible."

Catalan radio station Onda Cero Catalunya:
"As far as we are concerned, we're not pushing at all in this matter. He has one year and some months left on his contract and it's Barça who should decide when they want to act, they are the ones who should show they're interested to negotiate. While we have a contract, we're very calm. He feels valued at Barcelona, by the fans and by the press.

It's just that contracts are sometimes already outdated one or two years after they have been signed. And then you apparently need to wait until the end of the contract to update them. I don't think the problem is that the club doesn't know me. I'm not worried about people saying that. I'm not going to call Txiki to present myself. The press has made clear what is going on. Barça knows me enough, they know where to find me and what kind of person I am.

Our demands aren't very high and the fans shouldn't be worried. Barça is a big club, they have proven that by renewing the contracts of other players who also deserved that and I believe that when it's Víctor Valdés' turn, when they think the time is there, we'll almost certainly reach an agreement.

I don't think that Valdés wants to earn the same as Casillas but everybody should ask what he thinks he's worth, which could be the same as Casillas. Víctor Valdés is the goalkeeper of FC Barcelona, one of the best teams in the world, he's proving his worth for several years now. Víctor Valdés is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and I don't doubt that he's at the level of Iker Casillas, Buffon or any other goalkeeper.

If we don't receive any offer of Barcelona, I don't think there would be a lack of interested clubs. I know of three, four, five first-level teams that are interested in his services, despite the fact that we didn't give any sign that he could be available. At this moment we're not even allowed to talk with anyone. He wants to renew but if we wouldn't reach an agreement to renew, it's very likely his future lies abroad. In Spain there's only one other club that could sign a goalkeeper like that and it's impossible that he would join Madrid."

Catalan radio station Ona FM:
"The talks with Barcelona are totally stopped and the club doesn't seem to be in a hurry. I would just ask them to show some minimal interest without using the excuse that Valdés is asking an excessive fee like has been commented. I don't think the end of this season should have an influence on any decisions, it's about his whole career at the club."

pep's opinion:
very disappointing attitude of valdes, first by appointing a madridista as his new agent and then allowing the guy to stir things up at this stage of the season by giving interview after interview on the renewal while the club has made clear that all renewal negotiations (valdes, puyol, marquez, gudjohnsen, eto'o) are postponed until the end of the season because everyone should focus on football for the next two months. i don't know what has gotten into his head: or the club treated him very badly or he has an offer he cannot refuse and is trying to get thrown out or he's just stupid. whatever it is, it's time he acts and orders his agent to keep his mouth.

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M4V3R1K said...

I totally agree with pep's opinion. I think focus should be on the football in these 2 months. We can win all or loose all in this month.

barca4life said...

Hey if he wants to leave there will be quite a few parties amongst the blaugrana supporters. Maybe we can get a 'safe' gk

kamikaze kontiki said...

I think a lot of players are trying to cash in on the great season Barca are having. Right now, the popularity of the players is highest, the fans appreciate and value each and every player and his contribution. Once the season is over and things cool down a bit people will look more objectively at the performances. Thats why players like VV and Toure perhaps feel the moment to cut the best deal is passing them by.

In VV case, by the summer the board will probably have a video prepared of all his lapses and he himself is probably scared of committing another howler at a key point in the season's final phase.

In Toure's case, his insecurity perhaps stems from the fact that a DM's role is not as glamorous and once the excitement dies down he might get short shrift once again. But I think the team management will argue in Yaya's favour so he needn't worry too much.

Valdes however, has much to do convince and IMO still has a lot to do to prove himself. So he really should keep his agent in check, not commit any more mistakes and then ask for a raise on the backing of his good performance rather trying to ride on the wave of popular current sentiment.

jordy said...

what a dumb man. barça would be stupid to pay victor what cassilas earns. I'm okay with victor but for a reasonable salary. As much I hate to admit it, cassilas is far better. This will mean victor leaves or barça makes a big mistake. eitherway victor will be unhappy both ways because people will compare him with cassilas every match

that's what i stated earlier

KluivertsBoots said...

This is not the time, Agent Valdes. This is the only player related distraction we have right now. Cool it until the end of the season.

Valdes is a serviceable keeper, but there are better options out there. However, they are not as integrated as Valdes of course. They are not Masia.

What Valdes needs is genuine competition, so I do think we need to sign a younger keeper. Asenjo could be the ideal solution.

tero said...

I agree with KluivertBoots...we need a younger keeper to make some competition for Valdes

hamad_ali said...

as good as buffon XD , joke of the season .
if u can single handedly win your team the world cup by concieding only 2 goals in the entire competition ( 1 penalty - 1 own goal ) then maybe you'll be paid like him , if you can win la liga for your team when u u have a crappy defence like real madshit then you'll get paid like him.
u can't even make it into the national teams 3rd choice keeper.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer Valdes left if we could sign Sebastien Frey. Frey's agent was recently quoted in the media saying he could move to a bigger club this summer. Hopefully Valdes' agent is just trying to save face for when valdes gets cut.

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