Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Quote of the day: Ferguson

Barcelona are the form team, they have been terrific this season and everyone is taking notice of them. Their first-half performance against Lyon at home was absolutely brilliant. We have to recognise that our threats don’t just come from England, the big one will come from Barcelona.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager


pep said...


"They can be a threat to anybody and are quite rightly one of the favourites.

I’m not sure they have improved a lot from when we played them last season but they have had a better defensive record since Guardiola took over as coach last year. There has maybe been a bit more concentration on defending than there had been in previous times.

That’s not a criticism of Rijkaard, I just think Guardiola has brought in the awareness that defending is just as important as attacking. Gerard Pique, for instance, left us to go back there and has done really well for them. We always knew of his abilities, good talent, mobility and a winning mentality, so I think he’s improved them.

They got off to a great start to the season and it wasn’t until January that they hit a blip and that happens to everyone. They’re over that now, so they’ll be the threat."

Hilal said...

"I’m not sure they have improved a lot from when we played them last season"

lol...clearly he hasn't been watching us that closely or he is afraid to admit how much better we are. We are soooo much better than the team of last season. The team of last season could be given 60%+ possession and not win the game. Defensively we are not actually that much better, its offensively where we have improved leaps and bounds. Any team that gives us too much possession now will get beaten. If man utd tried to play us the same way as last year i am pretty sure we walk away the winners. The only way a team can beat us is to really try and unsettle our players and that will only work if we are having a bad day (eg first leg against Lyon). On our day, i dont care who we are playing, we can beat them.

Bring on Liverpool or Utd or Chelsea or Arsenal or Bayern. I dont care, they are all there to be beaten, all we have to do is play to our potential.

azrailyaz said...

Yes hilal, iam totaly agree with you.. Even last year we can beat them.

Anonymous said...

If we play like we use to do, then i think its realistically to say that noone can stop us. And im dead serious about this.

Anonymous said...

I know this is Kind of random but why do people say that our youth system is the best in the world when there are teams like Sevilla Atletic and Villareal B that are ahead of us? I'm a FC Barcelona fan through and through but I know when to admit when another youth team is better than ours.

FCB-Fitz said...

Anony, I think it stems from the level of success our youth players have had once they break into the first team rather than the relative success of the club's B team.

Anonymous said...

yes saf be afraid be very afraid

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