Friday, 27 March 2009

Barcelona holding renewal talks with Henry

British tabloid The Sun claims that Barcelona wants to extend the contract of Bacelona forward and French international Thierry Henry (31), whose current contract expires in 2011.

Barcelona wants Henry to spend the rest of his career at the club and would already have
opened talks with the French striker over a new three-year contract.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta would want to offer Henry, who currently earns around 7,5 million euro a year, a pay rise to prevent him from returning to the English Premier League (read more here).

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noubarca said...

I believe no fan loves Titi like I do (I might be wrong) but no pay rise please. What he earns is enough. He not a greedy man. Money would not be the deciding factor for some1 like Henry.

xaviesta said...

would be great to see him play a lot more games in the Barca-dress!
his experience is worth a lot!

kamikaze kontiki said...

Well said. I thought this one was a little strange too especially since Titi himself has suggested that he would like to retire soon. The British papers keep harping on Titi because they have sort of, adopted him. If they want to start a new rumour they always start quoting his name first. He has personal relationships with most of the journalists in London, he calls them up personally to refute claims they make about him. I hope he will have the breadth of character to do the same if this one goes any further.

KluivertsBoots said...

I'm skeptical about a renewal. I don't see the point in renewing a 31-year-old who already has a contract through 2011. Probably just a rumor. If Titi did leave, it would be for MLS and not the Premier League. He won't play for anyone but Arsenal.

We need Henry to train up Keirrison anyway. :)

tero said...

Would be great if he stayed in Barca.We need experienced forward next year because Eto'o goes to African Nations Cup

denari said...

Give him a pay rise, but not a pay rise. He earns enough as it is.

skanjos said...

pay rise wtf? i think the sun wants to say that laporta wants henry to stay and will offer him a smaller contract for more years in order to have some wage free for new players.or else he is gonna get sold.he is doing great atm but he is past his best and that money should go to a player that is on his prime,heck give iniesta or xavi that salary they deserve it more....

Anonymous said...

hahaha this isn't gonna happen.
i think Laporta is not so stupid.
personally,henry doesn't deserve current salary.

FCBarca said...

Curious if there really is a point to posting rumours from the Sun...I mean, it IS the Sun, right?...They might as well tell us that the world is flat

Kxevin said...

Right on. Henry doesn't deserve his current salary. Let's give the money to the other guy on the squad who will give us 20 goals and numerous assists from the left wing, draw 2-3 defenders and help young players such as Bojan Krkic, who grabbed a crucial away goal in the Lyon CL tie, and had two goals and an assist in the Camp Nou Lyon tie....

Wait....wait a minute....Henry IS that guy.

I don't buy the renewal rumors, but give the man some respect. People lose their minds when anyone says a bad word about Eto'o, yet the conga line of Henry slaggers stretches as far as the eye can see, despite his contributions to this season's spate of excellence. Unfortunately, I'm not surprised.

Albert said...

Henry is a player every young strikers has to look up to.
He treats his younger team mates as brothers.
He is an asset even if he wont play as good as he is playing now.
I am fan of his personality

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