Monday, 30 March 2009

Sylvinho: "You have to go flat out in every game"

Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho gave an itnerview to the club's official media.

You’ve always said that you’re the kind of player that likes to work flat out. And right now you’re in great form.
That’s true. I think everyone has their own way of dealing with things and time, above all these last four years, has taught me to manage these situations a little better. We all know the season is very long and somebody who’s training well, will have a part of the season when it’s his turn to play more matches and when the coach and the team need him.

Since Abidal got injured, you’re playing a lot. How do you see yourself now that you’re in the starting line-up in the league? Would you criticise yourself for anything?
There’s always criticism. In many aspects I’m very happy up to now. It’s true that the season has plenty to go and the best and the most important is still to come. But if I have to make an analysis, I would say that I’m happy with the team and with myself. In addition, recently I’ve been able to play and grow in confidence. Your team-mates end up having more confidence in you and the boss does as well.

You talk about confidence. For many people you are the epitome of commitment. You’ve been here for five years and you haven’t stopped working for a single day.
Yes. I believe that time has taught me to manage this type of situation. It’s more usual, unfortunately, for a footballer to throw in the towel one week or one month because at certain moments you lose form or psychologically you defocus. The last few years have taught me that and I’ve always been the kind of footballer that likes to play every minute. Bit by bit, time has taught me things and if I can I also try and help a player or a team-mate, explaining things and encouraging him. I believe it’s important to be able to help your team-mates and bring them back into the group. Apart from that I do it because it comes naturally to me and I love doing it.

Guardiola’s strategy is to take it one game at a time. Is that the best way to face this final part of the league?
In football, that’s the only way there is. One slip-up, a poor week of training, and when you want to get back on track you can’t. The opponent can do you a lot of harm. That’s where the philosophy comes from. Not just Guardiola’s, but all trainers. That’s football.

But isn’t it inevitable you think about the matches ahead?
Of course it’s inevitable to have it on your hard disk but if you’re intelligent you know how to manage the situation better and if we want to be league champions we just have to win matches. Each league match is like a cup final. You have to go flat out in every game. We know there’s a cup final, that there’s Bayern. We all want to go as far as possible in every competition. Matches accumulate but you have to keep going. We’re optimistic and we’ve got desire.

If the team has to take this last part of the season one game at a time, what about the fans?
It’s an important fact that at home we’re even stronger. This worries our opponents and that’s an advantage. The fans are responding really well. They support us a lot, they help us, and we’re getting stronger and stronger.

From your point of view, how do the youngsters of 18, 19 or 20 get along with the veterans?
A young man at the age of 19 or 20 thinks he can do anything and nothing can stop him. But bit by bit you can talk, they get a bit closer and they also realise that they can rest, look after their diet... In short, loads off things that are going to help because footballers who are still playing at the age of 35, 36, and 37 and can compete and extend their careers in top class clubs are few and far between because they need this approach. They’ll realise in the end.

I suppose it goes both ways. The veterans can teach things as you said before but can the youngsters teach you things?
Yes, I believe it’s two-way, that’s true. When you’re open to listening and learning, you can always learn. I never pull down the blinds. Any lad of 17, even if he doesn’t say anything to me, just with a gesture or a look can teach me something. A veteran isn’t always right.

What were you like compared to now when you started playing football?
I didn’t have any responsibility. I was single, I returned home, ate with my mother and went with all the happiness and not a care in the world to training. A young player. I enjoyed myself like now but before it was much easier because I wasn’t in charge the way some players here are. Over time this changes. The more veteran you are the more you think about it all.

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Anonymous said...

I just love this guy. To be honest I don't miss Abidal that much because Sylvinho have done great games but ofcourse Abidal is our first choice. I hope that Sylvinho gets a new contract with 1 more yaer.

Andrezinho said...

I agree with Anonymous.... Sylvinho has really shown this season that he is a strong player still, and has lots to give. I hope that Txiki sees that too, and give his a contract for one mor season, and then maybe a coaching role. He is indeed a role model for younger players.

FCBarca said...

Definitely agree...And he's been immense this season, let's be honest.

This could be a dramatically different season with Abidal out, were Sylvinho not performing the way he has.

OLALEKAN said...

why wouldn't someone who as not played almost 3/4 of the season perform so well when given a chance at the last part of the season???? its not that i hate this man,but i wounder why anonymous over there doesn't fell the absence of the great bilal(abidal).do u think playing of henry with sylvinho is so easy like playing with abidal?common we need a young and strong(abidal type)left back next season.but i wont ignore the fact of giving mendes a coaching role in the team cos i also see him as a real role model to young ones.(even bfor this his interview.

Anonymous said...

I think OLALEKAN isnt thinking straight. Perhaps he is biased towards Abidal and thus feel jealousy when Sylvinho gets lots of praise. Sylvinho is a down-to-earth great guy who performs when called upon, a super player for the team, he should get another year at the club, he's very fit, a superman!

peter said...

I agree. Now that he has started to interact very well with Alves i see no trouble in playing two offensive full backs.

We'll see what happens this summer, but i also think that there could be future for Sylvinho as a coach/assistant in the youth ranks.

tero said...

He should get a chance to retire in Barca...great player with a lot of heart

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